Materials for grafts or prostheses or for coating grafts or prostheses


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  • A61L27/00
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Sub Industries

A61L27/02Inorganic materials A61L27/025Other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L27/04 - A61L27/12 A61L27/04Metals or alloys A61L27/042Iron or iron alloys A61L27/045Cobalt or cobalt alloys A61L27/047Other specific metals or alloys not covered by A61L27/042 - A61L27/045 or A61L27/06 A61L27/06Titanium or titanium alloys A61L27/08Carbon; Graphite A61L27/10Ceramics or glasses A61L27/105containing Al2O3 A61L27/12Phosphorus-containing materials A61L27/14Macromolecular materials A61L27/16obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61L27/165Rubbers A61L27/18obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61L27/20Polysaccharides A61L27/22Polypeptides or derivatives thereof A61L27/222Gelatin A61L27/225Fibrin; Fibrinogen A61L27/227Other specific proteins or polypeptides not covered by A61L27/222, A61L27/225 or A61L27/24 A61L27/24Collagen A61L27/26Mixtures of macromolecular compounds A61L27/28Materials for coating prostheses A61L27/30Inorganic materials A61L27/303Carbon A61L27/306Other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L27/303 - A61L27/32 A61L27/32Phosphorus-containing materials A61L27/34Macromolecular materials A61L27/36containing ingredients of undetermined constitution or reaction products thereof A61L27/3604characterised by the human or animal origin of the biological material A61L27/3608Bone A61L27/3612Cartilage, synovial fluid A61L27/3616Blood A61L27/362Skin A61L27/3625Vascular tissue A61L27/3629Intestinal tissue A61L27/3633Extracellular matrix [ECM] A61L27/3637characterised by the origin of the biological material other than human or animal A61L27/3641characterised by the site of application in the body A61L27/3645Connective tissue A61L27/365Bones A61L27/3654Cartilage A61L27/3658Intervertebral discs A61L27/3662Ligaments, tendons A61L27/3666Epithelial tissues other than skin A61L27/367Muscle tissue A61L27/3675Nerve tissue A61L27/3679Hollow organs A61L27/3683subjected to a specific treatment prior to implantation A61L27/3687characterised by the use of chemical agents in the treatment A61L27/3691characterised by physical conditions of the treatment A61L27/3695characterised by the function or physical properties of the final product, where no specific conditions are defined to achieve this A61L27/38containing added animal cells A61L27/3804characterised by specific cells or progenitors thereof A61L27/3808Endothelial cells A61L27/3813Epithelial cells A61L27/3817Cartilage-forming cells A61L27/3821Bone-forming cells A61L27/3826Muscle cells A61L27/383Nerve cells A61L27/3834Cells able to produce different cell types A61L27/3839characterised by the site of application in the body A61L27/3843Connective tissue A61L27/3847Bones A61L27/3852Cartilage A61L27/3856Intervertebral discs A61L27/386Ligaments, tendons A61L27/3865Dental/periodontal tissues A61L27/3869Epithelial tissues other than skin A61L27/3873Muscle tissue A61L27/3878Nerve tissue, brain, spinal cord, nerves, dura mater A61L27/3882Hollow organs A61L27/3886comprising two or more cell types A61L27/3891as distinct cell layers A61L27/3895using specific culture conditions A61L27/40Composite materials A61L27/42having an inorganic matrix A61L27/422of carbon A61L27/425of phosphorus containing material A61L27/427of other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L27/422 or A61L27/425 A61L27/44having a macromolecular matrix A61L27/443with carbon fillers A61L27/446with other specific inorganic fillers other than those covered by A61L27/443 or A61L27/46 A61L27/46with phosphorus-containing inorganic fillers A61L27/48with macromolecular fillers A61L27/50Materials characterised by their function or physical properties A61L27/502Plasticizers A61L27/505Stabilizers A61L27/507for artificial blood vessels A61L27/52Hydrogels or hydrocolloids A61L27/54Biologically active materials A61L27/56Porous materials A61L27/58Materials at least partially resorbable by the body A61L27/60Materials for use in artificial skin