Materials for other surgical articles


  • CPC
  • A61L31/00
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Sub Industries

A61L31/005Ingredients of undetermined constitution or reaction products thereof A61L31/02Inorganic materials A61L31/022Metals or alloys A61L31/024Carbon; Graphite A61L31/026Ceramic or ceramic-like structures A61L31/028Other inorganic materials not covered by A61L31/022 - A61L31/026 A61L31/04Macromolecular materials A61L31/041Mixtures of macromolecular compounds A61L31/042Polysaccharides A61L31/043Proteins; Polypeptides; Degradation products thereof A61L31/044Collagen A61L31/045Gelatin A61L31/046Fibrin; Fibrinogen A61L31/047Other specific proteins or polypeptides not covered by A61L31/044 - A61L31/046 A61L31/048obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61L31/049Rubbers A61L31/06obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61L31/08Materials for coatings A61L31/082Inorganic materials A61L31/084Carbon; Graphite A61L31/086Phosphorus-containing materials A61L31/088Other specific inorganic materials not covered by A61L31/084 or A61L31/086 A61L31/10Macromolecular material A61L31/12Composite materials A61L31/121having an inorganic matrix A61L31/122of carbon A61L31/123of phosphorus-containing materials A61L31/124of other specific inorganic materials not coverd by A61L31/122 or A61L31/123 A61L31/125having a macromolecular matrix A61L31/126containing carbon fillers A61L31/127containing fillers of phosphorus-containing inorganic materials A61L31/128containing other specific inorganic fillers not covered by A61L31/126 or A61L31/127 A61L31/129containing macromolecular fillers A61L31/14Materials characterised by their function or physical properties A61L31/141Plasticizers A61L31/143Stabilizers A61L31/145Hydrogels or hydrocolloids A61L31/146Porous materials A61L31/148Materials at least partially resorbable by the body A61L31/16Biologically active materials A61L31/18Materials at least partially X-ray or laser opaque