Medicinal preparations characterised by special physical form


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  • A61K9/00
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Sub Industries

A61K9/0002Galenical forms characterised by the drug release technique; Application systems commanded by energy A61K9/0004Osmotic delivery systems; Sustained release driven by osmosis, thermal energy or gas A61K9/0007Effervescent A61K9/0009involving or responsive to electricity, magnetism or acoustic waves; Galenical aspects of sonophoresis, iontophoresis, electroporation or electroosmosis A61K9/0012Galenical forms characterised by the site of application A61K9/0014Skin A61K9/0017Non-human animal skin A61K9/0019Injectable compositions; Intramuscular, intravenous, arterial, subcutaneous administration; Compositions to be administered through the skin in an invasive manner A61K9/0021Intradermal administration A61K9/0024Solid, semi-solid or solidifying implants, which are implanted or injected in body tissue A61K9/0026Blood substitute; Oxygen transporting formulations; Plasma extender A61K9/0029Parenteral nutrition; Parenteral nutrition compositions as drug carriers A61K9/0031Rectum, anus A61K9/0034Urogenital system A61K9/0036Devices retained in the vagina or cervix for a prolonged period A61K9/0039Devices retained in the uterus for a prolonged period A61K9/0041Mammary glands A61K9/0043Nose A61K9/0046Ear A61K9/0048Eye A61K9/0051Ocular inserts, ocular implants A61K9/0053Mouth and digestive tract A61K9/0056Mouth soluble or dispersible forms; Suckable, eatable, chewable coherent forms; Forms rapidly disintegrating in the mouth; Lozenges; Lollipops; Bite capsules; Baked products; Baits or other oral forms for animals A61K9/0058Chewing gums A61K9/006Oral mucosa A61K9/0063Periodont A61K9/0065Forms with gastric retention A61K9/0068Rumen A61K9/007Pulmonary tract; Aromatherapy A61K9/0073Sprays or powders for inhalation; Aerolised or nebulised preparations generated by other means than thermal energy A61K9/0075for inhalation via a dry powder inhaler [DPI] A61K9/0078for inhalation via a nebulizer such as a jet nebulizer, ultrasonic nebulizer A61K9/008comprising drug dissolved or suspended in liquid propellant for inhalation via a pressurized metered dose inhaler [MDI] A61K9/0082Lung surfactant, artificial mucus A61K9/0085Brain A61K9/0087Galenical forms not covered by A61K9/02 - A61K9/7023 A61K9/009Sachets, pouches characterised by the material or function of the envelope A61K9/0092Hollow drug-filled fibres, tubes of the core-shell type, coated fibres, coated rods, microtubules, nanotubes A61K9/0095Drinks; Beverages; Syrups; Compositions for reconstitution thereof A61K9/0097Micromachined devices; Microelectromechanical systems [MEMS]; Devices obtained by lithographic treatment of silicon; Devices comprising chips A61K9/02Suppositories Bougies Bases therefor; Ovules A61K9/025characterised by shape or structure A61K9/06Ointments Bases therefor; Other semi-solid forms A61K9/08Solutions A61K9/10Dispersions Emulsions A61K9/107Emulsions; Emulsion preconcentrates; Micelles A61K9/1075Microemulsions or submicron emulsions; Preconcentrates or solids thereof; Micelles A61K9/113Multiple emulsions A61K9/12Aerosols Foams A61K9/122Foams; Dry foams A61K9/124characterised by the propellant A61K9/127Liposomes A61K9/1271Non-conventional liposomes A61K9/1272with substantial amounts of non-phosphatidyl, i.e. non-acylglycerophosphate, surfactants as bilayer-forming substances A61K9/1273Polymersomes; Liposomes with polymerisable or polymerised bilayer-forming substances A61K9/1274Non-vesicle bilayer structures A61K9/1275Lipoproteins; Chylomicrons; Artificial HDL, LDL, VLDL, protein-free species thereof; Precursors thereof A61K9/1276Globules of milk or constituents thereof A61K9/1277Processes for preparing; Proliposomes A61K9/1278Post-loading A61K9/14Particulate form A61K9/141Intimate drug-carrier mixtures characterised by the carrier A61K9/143with inorganic compounds A61K9/145with organic compounds A61K9/146with organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/148with compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/16Agglomerates Granulates Microbeadlets; Microspheres; Pellets; Solid products obtained by spray drying, spray freeze drying, spray congealing,(multiple) emulsion solvent evaporation or extraction A61K9/1605Excipients; Inactive ingredients A61K9/1611Inorganic compounds A61K9/1617Organic compounds A61K9/1623Sugars or sugar alcohols A61K9/1629Organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/1635obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/1641obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/1647Polyesters A61K9/1652Polysaccharides A61K9/1658Proteins A61K9/1664Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/167with an outer layer or coating comprising drug; with chemically bound drugs or non-active substances on their surface A61K9/1676having a drug-free core with discrete complete coating layer containing drug A61K9/1682Processes A61K9/1688resulting in pure drug agglomerate optionally containing up to 5% of excipient A61K9/1694resulting in granules or microspheres of the matrix type containing more than 5% of excipient A61K9/19lyophilised A61K9/20Pills, tablets, discs, rods A61K9/2004Excipients; Inactive ingredients A61K9/2009Inorganic compounds A61K9/2013Organic compounds A61K9/2018Sugars, or sugar alcohols A61K9/2022Organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/2027obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/2031obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/2036Silicones; Polysiloxanes A61K9/204Polyesters A61K9/2045Polyamides; Polyaminoacids A61K9/205Polysaccharides A61K9/2054Cellulose; Cellulose derivatives A61K9/2059Starch, including chemically or physically modified derivatives; Amylose; Amylopectin; Dextrin A61K9/2063Proteins A61K9/2068Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/2072characterised by shape, structure or size; Tablets with holes, special break lines or identification marks; Partially coated tablets; Disintegrating flat shaped forms A61K9/2077Tablets comprising drug-containing microparticles in a substantial amount of supporting matrix; Multiparticulate tablets A61K9/2081with microcapsules or coated microparticles according to A61K9/50 A61K9/2086Layered tablets A61K9/209containing drug in at least two layers or in the core and in at least one outer layer A61K9/2095Tabletting processes; Dosage units made by direct compression of powders or specially processed granules, by eliminating solvents, by melt-extrusion, by injection molding, by 3D printing A61K9/28Dragees Coated pills or tablets A61K9/2806Coating materials A61K9/2813Inorganic compounds A61K9/282Organic compounds A61K9/2826Sugars or sugar alcohols A61K9/2833Organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/284obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/2846Poly(meth)acrylates A61K9/2853obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/286Polysaccharides A61K9/2866Cellulose; Cellulose derivatives A61K9/2873Proteins A61K9/288Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/2886having two or more different drug-free coatings; Tablets of the type inert core-drug layer-inactive layer A61K9/2893Tablet coating processes A61K9/48Preparations in capsules A61K9/4808characterised by the form of the capsule or the structure of the filling; Capsules containing small tablets; Capsules with outer layer for immediate drug release A61K9/4816Wall or shell material A61K9/4825Proteins A61K9/4833Encapsulating processes; Filling of capsules A61K9/4841Filling excipients; Inactive ingredients A61K9/485Inorganic compounds A61K9/4858Organic compounds A61K9/4866Organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/4875Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/4883Capsule finishing A61K9/4891Coated capsules; Multilayered drug free capsule shells A61K9/50Microcapsules having a gas, liquid or semi-solid filling; Solid microparticles or pellets surrounded by a distinct coating layer A61K9/5005Wall or coating material A61K9/501Inorganic compounds A61K9/5015Organic compounds A61K9/5021Organic macromolecular compounds A61K9/5026obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/5031obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/5036Polysaccharides A61K9/5042Cellulose; Cellulose derivatives A61K9/5047Cellulose ethers containing no ester groups A61K9/5052Proteins A61K9/5057Gelatin A61K9/5063Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/5068Cell membranes or bacterial membranes enclosing drugs A61K9/5073having two or more different coatings optionally including drug-containing subcoatings A61K9/5078with drug-free core A61K9/5084Mixtures of one or more drugs in different galenical forms, at least one of which being granules, microcapsules or (coated) microparticles according to A61K9/16 or A61K9/50 A61K9/5089Processes A61K9/5094Microcapsules containing magnetic carrier material A61K9/51Nanocapsules; Nanoparticles A61K9/5107Excipients; Inactive ingredients A61K9/5115Inorganic compounds A61K9/5123Organic compounds A61K9/513Organic macromolecular compounds; Dendrimers A61K9/5138obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/5146obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/5153Polyesters A61K9/5161Polysaccharides A61K9/5169Proteins A61K9/5176Compounds of unknown constitution A61K9/5184Virus capsids or envelopes enclosing drugs A61K9/5192Processes A61K9/70Web, sheet or filament bases; Films; Fibres of the matrix type containing drug A61K9/7007Drug-containing films, membranes or sheets A61K9/7015Drug-containing film-forming compositions A61K9/7023Transdermal patches and similar drug-containing composite devices A61K9/703characterised by shape or structure; Details concerning release liner or backing; Refillable patches; User-activated patches A61K9/7038Transdermal patches of the drug-in-adhesive type A61K9/7046the adhesive comprising macromolecular compounds A61K9/7053obtained by reactions only involving carbon to carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/7061Polyacrylates A61K9/7069obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon to carbon unsaturated bonds A61K9/7076the adhesive comprising ingredients of undetermined constitution or reaction products thereof A61K9/7084Transdermal patches having a drug layer or reservoir, and one or more separate drug-free skin-adhesive layers A61K9/7092Transdermal patches having multiple drug layers or reservoirs