Medicinal preparations containing peptides


  • CPC
  • A61K38/00
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Sub Industries

A61K38/005Enzyme inhibitors A61K38/01Hydrolysed proteins Derivatives thereof A61K38/011from plants A61K38/012from animals A61K38/014from connective tissue peptides A61K38/015from keratin A61K38/017from blood A61K38/018from milk A61K38/02Peptides of undefined number of amino acids Derivatives thereof A61K38/03Peptides having up to 20 amino acids in an undefined or only partially defined sequence Derivatives thereof A61K38/04Peptides having up to 20 amino acids in a fully defined sequence Derivatives thereof A61K38/043Kallidins; Bradykinins; Related peptides A61K38/046Tachykinins A61K38/05Dipeptides A61K38/06Tripeptides A61K38/063Glutathione A61K38/066TRH, thyroliberin, thyrotropin releasing hormone A61K38/07Tetrapeptides A61K38/08Peptides having 5 to 11 amino acids A61K38/085Angiotensins A61K38/09Luteinising hormone-releasing hormone [LHRH] A61K38/10Peptides having 12 to 20 amino acids A61K38/105Bombesin; Related peptides A61K38/11Oxytocins Vasopressins Related peptides A61K38/12Cyclic peptides A61K38/13Cyclosporins A61K38/14Peptides containing saccharide radicals Derivatives thereof A61K38/15Depsipeptides Derivatives thereof A61K38/16Peptides having more than 20 amino acids Gastrins Somatostatins Melanotropins Derivatives thereof A61K38/162from virus A61K38/164from bacteria A61K38/166Streptokinase A61K38/168from plants A61K38/17from animals from humans A61K38/1703from vertebrates A61K38/1706from fish A61K38/1709from mammals A61K38/1712Not used, see subgroup A61K38/1716Amyloid plaque core protein A61K38/1719Muscle proteins A61K38/1722Plasma globulins, lactoglobulin A61K38/1725Complement proteins A61K38/1729Cationic antimicrobial peptides A61K38/1732Lectins A61K38/1735Mucins A61K38/1738Calcium binding proteins A61K38/1741alpha-Glycoproteins A61K38/1745C-reactive protein A61K38/1748Keratin; Cytokeratin A61K38/1751Bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein [BPI] A61K38/1754Insulin-like growth factor binding protein A61K38/1758p53 A61K38/1761Apoptosis related proteins A61K38/1764Tumor specific antigens; Tumor rejection antigen precursors [TRAP] A61K38/1767from invertebrates A61K38/177Receptors; Cell surface antigens; Cell surface determinants A61K38/1774Immunoglobulin superfamily ( A61K38/1777Integrin superfamily A61K38/178Lectin superfamily A61K38/1783Nuclear receptors A61K38/1787for neuromediators A61K38/179for growth factors; for growth regulators A61K38/1793for cytokines; for lymphokines; for interferons A61K38/1796for hormones A61K38/18Growth factors Growth regulators A61K38/1808Epidermal growth factor [EGF] urogastrone A61K38/1816Erythropoietin [EPO] A61K38/1825Fibroblast growth factor [FGF] A61K38/1833Hepatocyte growth factor; Scatter factor; Tumor cytotoxic factor II A61K38/1841Transforming growth factor [TGF] A61K38/185Nerve growth factor [NGF]; Brain derived neurotrophic factor [BDNF]; Ciliary neurotrophic factor [CNTF]; Glial derived neurotrophic factor [GDNF]; Neurotrophins A61K38/1858Platelet-derived growth factor [PDGF] A61K38/1866Vascular endothelial growth factor [VEGF] A61K38/1875Bone morphogenic factor; Osteogenins; Osteogenic factor; Bone-inducing factor A61K38/1883Neuregulins, e.g.. p185erbB2 ligands, glial growth factor, heregulin, ARIA, neu differentiation factor A61K38/1891Angiogenesic factors; Angiogenin A61K38/19Cytokines Lymphokines Interferons A61K38/191Tumor necrosis factors [TNF], e.g. lymphotoxin [LT] A61K38/193Colony stimulating factors [CSF] A61K38/195Chemokines A61K38/196Thrombopoietin A61K38/20Interleukins [IL] A61K38/2006IL-1 A61K38/2013IL-2 A61K38/202IL-3 A61K38/2026IL-4 A61K38/2033IL-5 A61K38/204IL-6 A61K38/2046IL-7 A61K38/2053IL-8 A61K38/206IL-9 A61K38/2066IL-10 A61K38/2073IL-11 A61K38/208IL-12 A61K38/2086IL-13 to IL-16 A61K38/2093Leukaemia inhibitory factor [LIF] A61K38/21Interferons [IFN] A61K38/212IFN-alpha A61K38/215IFN-beta A61K38/217IFN-gamma A61K38/22Hormones A61K38/2207Gastrins; Cholecystokinins [CCK] A61K38/2214Motilins A61K38/2221Relaxins A61K38/2228Corticotropin releasing factor [CRF] (Urotensin) A61K38/2235Secretins A61K38/2242Atrial natriuretic factor complex: Atriopeptins, atrial natriuretic protein [ANP]; Cardionatrin, Cardiodilatin A61K38/225Calcitonin gene related peptide A61K38/2257Prolactin A61K38/2264Obesity-gene products A61K38/2271Neuropeptide Y A61K38/2278Vasoactive intestinal peptide [VIP]; Related peptides ( A61K38/2285Endothelin, vasoactive intestinal contractor [VIC] A61K38/2292Thymosin; Related peptides A61K38/23Calcitonins A61K38/24Follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] Chorionic gonadotropins A61K38/25Growth hormone-releasing factor (GH-RF) (Somatoliberin) A61K38/26Glucagons A61K38/27Growth hormone [GH] (Somatotropin) A61K38/28Insulins A61K38/29Parathyroid hormone (parathormone) Parathyroid hormone-related peptides A61K38/30Insulin-like growth factors (somatomedins) A61K38/31Somatostatins A61K38/32Thymopoietins A61K38/33derived from pro-opiomelanocortin, pro-enkephalin or pro-dynorphin A61K38/34Melanocyte stimulating hormone [MSH] A61K38/35Corticotropin [ACTH] A61K38/36Blood coagulation or fibrinolysis factors A61K38/363Fibrinogen A61K38/366Thrombomodulin A61K38/37Factors VIII A61K38/38Albumins A61K38/385Serum albumin A61K38/39Connective tissue peptides A61K38/395Alveolar surfactant peptides; Pulmonary surfactant peptides A61K38/40Transferrins A61K38/41Porphyrin- or corrin-ring-containing peptides A61K38/415Cytochromes A61K38/42Haemoglobins Myoglobins A61K38/43Enzymes Proenzymes Derivatives thereof A61K38/44Oxidoreductases (1) A61K38/443acting on CH-OH groups as donors A61K38/446Superoxide dismutase (1.15) A61K38/45Transferases (2) A61K38/46Hydrolases (3) A61K38/465acting on ester bonds (3.1) A61K38/47acting on glycosyl compounds (3.2) A61K38/48acting on peptide bonds (3.4) A61K38/4806from animals other than mammals A61K38/4813Exopeptidases (3.4.11. to 3.4.19) A61K38/482Serine endopeptidases (3.4.21) A61K38/4826Trypsin ( Chymotrypsin ( A61K38/4833Thrombin ( A61K38/484Plasmin ( A61K38/4846Factor VII (; Factor IX (; Factor Xa (; Factor XI (; Factor XII ( A61K38/4853Kallikrein ( or A61K38/486Elastase ( or A61K38/4866Protein C ( A61K38/4873Cysteine endopeptidases (3.4.22) A61K38/488Aspartic endopeptidases (3.4.23) A61K38/4886Metalloendopeptidases (3.4.24) A61K38/4893Botulinum neurotoxin ( A61K38/49Urokinase Tissue plasminogen activator A61K38/50acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds (3.5) A61K38/51Lyases (4) A61K38/52Isomerases (5) A61K38/53Ligases (6) A61K38/54Mixtures of enzymes or proenzymes covered by more than a single one of groups A61K38/44 - A61K38/46 or A61K38/51 - A61K38/53 A61K38/55Protease inhibitors A61K38/553Renin inhibitors A61K38/556Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors A61K38/56from plants A61K38/57from animals from humans A61K38/58from leeches