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Sub Industries

H04M2215/01Details of billing arrangements H04M2215/0104Augmented, consolidated or itemised billing statement H04M2215/0108Customization according to wishes of subscriber H04M2215/0112Dynamic pricing H04M2215/0116Provision for limiting expenditure H04M2215/012Continue allow grace H04M2215/0124Continue alternative H04M2215/0128Linked escalation limits, establish, first or second limit H04M2215/0132Limit per application H04M2215/0136Limit per terminal H04M2215/014Limit per user or user related number H04M2215/0144Release upon reaching limit H04M2215/0148Fraud detection or prevention means H04M2215/0152General billing plans, rate plans H04M2215/0156Secure and trusted billing H04M2215/016Billing using Intelligent Networks [IN] or Advanced Intelligent Networks [AIN] H04M2215/0164Billing record, e.g. Call Data Record [CDR], Toll Ticket[TT], Automatic Message Accounting [AMA], Call Line Identifier [CLI], details H04M2215/0168On line or real-time flexible customization or negotiation according to wishes of subscriber H04M2215/0172Mediation H04M2215/0176Billing arrangements using internet H04M2215/018On-line real-time billing, able to see billing information while in communication H04M2215/0184involving reduced rates or discounts H04M2215/0188Network monitoring statistics on usage on called/calling number H04M2215/0192Sponsored, subsidised calls via advertising H04M2215/0196Payment of value-added services, mainly when their charges are added on the telephone bill H04M2215/14Billing aspects relating to the actual charge H04M2215/143Non communication time H04M2215/146Data billing H04M2215/20Technology dependant metering H04M2215/2006Fixed telephone network H04M2215/2013Fixed data network H04M2215/202VoIP Packet switched telephony H04M2215/2026Wireless network H04M2215/2033WLAN H04M2215/204UMTS GPRS H04M2215/2046Hybrid network H04M2215/2053In based PPS H04M2215/206CDMA H04M2215/2066Service node based PPS H04M2215/2073Multipoint H04M2215/208IMS H04M2215/2086xDSL Modem lines H04M2215/2093Push to talk H04M2215/22Bandwidth or usage-sensitve billing H04M2215/24Voice over IP billing H04M2215/26Data billing charged as a voice call H04M2215/28SMS billing H04M2215/32Involving wireless systems H04M2215/34Roaming H04M2215/42Least cost routing H04M2215/44Charging/billing arrangements for connection made over different networks H04M2215/46Connection to several service providers H04M2215/48Sending information over a non-traffic network channel or another connection than the one actually used H04M2215/52Interconnection, inter-exchange, reseller billing, billing agreements between different operators H04M2215/54Resellers-retail or service providers billing H04M2215/56On line or real-time flexible agreements between service providers and telecoms operators H04M2215/62Called party billing H04M2215/64Split billing, sharing the cost of calls H04M2215/66Third party billing H04M2215/68Billing calls completely to the calling party, except POTS H04M2215/70Administration aspects, modify settings or limits or counter-check correct charges H04M2215/7009Account settings H04M2215/7018Modify recharging resources H04M2215/7027Activate new subscriber or card H04M2215/7036Administer via user H04M2215/7045Using Internet or WAP H04M2215/7054Using the phone H04M2215/7063Administer via operator H04M2215/7072Validate charges H04M2215/7081Re-credit user H04M2215/709Backup H04M2215/72Account specifications H04M2215/7204Account location H04M2215/7209Card based H04M2215/7213Terminal based H04M2215/7218Network based H04M2215/7222Account identification H04M2215/7227via service number H04M2215/7231by SIM H04M2215/7236Synchronisation of distributed accounts H04M2215/724Linked accounts H04M2215/7245Shared by users H04M2215/725Shared by technologies H04M2215/7254Multiple accounts per user H04M2215/7259per terminal or location Mobile with multiple directory numbers H04M2215/7263per service H04M2215/7268per technology H04M2215/7272per card H04M2215/7277Account specifications on parallel communications H04M2215/7281Redistribute amount between accounts H04M2215/7286Dynamically H04M2215/729by user request H04M2215/7295Reserve amount H04M2215/74Rating aspects H04M2215/7407class of subscriber H04M2215/7414QoS H04M2215/7421Determine tariff or charge band H04M2215/7428Load situation H04M2215/7435Location dependent H04M2215/7442Roaming H04M2215/745Least cost routing H04M2215/7457Biding H04M2215/7464Select transport technology for a given service H04M2215/7471Select route depending on origin or type of service H04M2215/7478According to the number of recipients H04M2215/7485Group call Conference call Multi Party Call H04M2215/7492Group MMS or SMS Point-to-multi-point services, broadcast services H04M2215/78Metric aspects H04M2215/7806Time based H04M2215/7813Time based data H04M2215/782Data or packet based H04M2215/7826Message based H04M2215/7833Session based H04M2215/784Access based H04M2215/7846Transaction based H04M2215/7853Based on the number of used channels H04M2215/786Unit based H04M2215/7866Pulse based H04M2215/7873Based on the number of used services H04M2215/788Event based H04M2215/7886Apply cheapest or best package H04M2215/7893Money or currency based H04M2215/81Notifying aspects H04M2215/8104Time or frequency of notification H04M2215/8108before establishing a communication H04M2215/8112during the communication H04M2215/8116after the end of the communication H04M2215/812in regular intervals H04M2215/8125Dynamic change of the length/frequency of the length of the notification interval H04M2215/8129Type of notification H04M2215/8133Announcement H04M2215/8137Message H04M2215/8141Optical H04M2215/8145Tone H04M2215/815Notification when a specific condition, service or event is met H04M2215/8154Determined tariff H04M2215/8158Low balance or limit reached H04M2215/8162Calculate maximum communication time or volume H04M2215/8166Available credit H04M2215/817Successful event H04M2215/8175Unsuccessful event H04M2215/8179Cumulative charges H04M2215/8183Request users acknowledgement prior to use H04M2215/8187Send to H04M2215/8191multiple parties H04M2215/8195a predetermined or undetermined destination H04M2215/82Advice-of-Charge [AOC] H04M2215/825Select from different charging routines or algorithms or formulas H04M2215/92Autonomous calculations of charges in terminal H04M2215/96Distributed calculation of charges