Methods or apparatus for disinfecting or sterilising materials or objects other than foodstuffs or contact lenses Accessories therefor


  • CPC
  • A61L2/00
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Sub Industries

A61L2/0005for pharmaceuticals, biologicals or living parts A61L2/0011using physical methods A61L2/0017Filtration A61L2/0023Heat A61L2/0029Radiation A61L2/0035Gamma radiation A61L2/0041X-rays A61L2/0047Ultraviolet radiation A61L2/0052Visible light A61L2/0058Infrared radiation A61L2/0064Microwaves A61L2/007Particle radiation A61L2/0076using a photocatalyst or photosensitiser A61L2/0082using chemical substances A61L2/0088Liquid substances A61L2/0094Gaseous substances A61L2/02using physical phenomena A61L2/022Filtration A61L2/025Ultrasonics A61L2/03Electric current A61L2/035Electrolysis A61L2/04Heat A61L2/06Hot gas A61L2/07Steam A61L2/08Radiation A61L2/081Gamma radiation A61L2/082X-rays A61L2/084Visible light A61L2/085Infrared radiation A61L2/087Particle radiation A61L2/088using a photocatalyst or photosensitiser A61L2/10Ultra-violet radiation A61L2/12Microwaves A61L2/14Plasma A61L2/16using chemical substances A61L2/18Liquid substances or solutions comprising solids or dissolved gases A61L2/183Ozone dissolved in a liquid A61L2/186Peroxide solutions A61L2/20Gaseous substances A61L2/202Ozone A61L2/204Formaldehyde A61L2/206Ethylene oxide A61L2/208Hydrogen peroxide A61L2/22Phase substances A61L2/23Solid substances A61L2/232layered or coated A61L2/235cellular, porous or foamed A61L2/238Metals or alloys A61L2/24Apparatus using programmed or automatic operation A61L2/26Accessories or devices or components used for biocidal treatment A61L2/28Devices for testing the effectiveness or completeness of sterilisation