Methods or apparatus specially adapted for installing, maintaining, repairing or dismantling electric cables or lines


  • CPC
  • H02G1/00
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Sub Industries

H02G1/005for cutting cables or wires, or splicing H02G1/02for overhead lines or cables H02G1/04for mounting or stretching H02G1/06for laying cables H02G1/08through tubing or conduit H02G1/081using pulling means at cable ends H02G1/083using lines H02G1/085using portable tools H02G1/086using fluid as pulling means H02G1/088using pulling devices movable inside conduits H02G1/10in or under water H02G1/12for removing insulation or armouring from cables H02G1/1202by cutting and withdrawing insulation H02G1/1204Hand-held tools H02G1/1207the cutting element not rotating about the wire or cable H02G1/1209making a transverse cut H02G1/1212using wire or cable clamping means H02G1/1214not using wire or cable clamping means H02G1/1217making a longitudinal cut H02G1/1219making a transverse and longitudinal cut H02G1/1221the cutting element rotating about the wire or cable H02G1/1224making a transverse cut H02G1/1226making a helical cut H02G1/1229the cutting element making a longitudinal, and a transverse or a helical cut H02G1/1231using a swivelling cutting element H02G1/1234the tool being of the plier type H02G1/1236Features relating to cutting elements H02G1/1239the cutting element being a disc or a circular saw H02G1/1241the cutting element being a stack of blades H02G1/1243the cutting element being a wire or filament H02G1/1246the cutting element being of tubular construction H02G1/1248Machines H02G1/1251the cutting element not rotating about the wire or cable H02G1/1253making a transverse cut H02G1/1256using wire or cable-clamping means H02G1/1258not using wire or cable-clamping means H02G1/126making a longitudinal cut H02G1/1263making a transverse and longitudinal cut H02G1/1265the cutting element rotating about the wire or cable H02G1/1268the cutting element making a longitudinal in combination with a transverse or a helical cut H02G1/127Features relating to cutting elements H02G1/1273by pushing backwards insulation H02G1/1275by applying heat H02G1/1278using heated blades H02G1/128using radiant energy H02G1/1282removing metallic shields H02G1/1285by friction H02G1/1287by means of a solvent H02G1/129by means of a cryogenic fluid H02G1/1292Devices for dismantling twisted filaments H02G1/1295Devices for splitting and dismantling flat cables H02G1/1297Removing armouring from cables H02G1/14for joining or terminating cables H02G1/145Moulds H02G1/16for repairing insulation or armouring of cables