Mortars, concrete or artificial stone or mixtures to prepare them, characterised by specific function, property or use


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  • C04B2111/00
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Sub Industries

C04B2111/00008Obtaining or using nano-technology related materials C04B2111/00017Aspects relating to the protection of the environment C04B2111/00025Aspects relating to the protection of the health C04B2111/00034Physico-chemical characteristics of the mixtures C04B2111/00043Anhydrous mixtures C04B2111/00051Mortar or concrete mixtures with an unusual low cement content C04B2111/0006for obtaining materials with the consistency of soil C04B2111/00068Mortar or concrete mixtures with an unusual water/cement ratio C04B2111/00077Partially hardened mortar or concrete mixtures C04B2111/00086Mixtures with prolonged pot-life C04B2111/00094Sag-resistant materials C04B2111/00103Self-compacting mixtures C04B2111/00112Mixtures characterised by specific pH values C04B2111/0012Thixotropic mixtures C04B2111/00129Extrudable mixtures C04B2111/00137Injection moldable mixtures C04B2111/00146Sprayable or pumpable mixtures C04B2111/00155Sprayable, i.e. concrete-like, materials able to be shaped by spraying instead of by casting C04B2111/00163by the dry process C04B2111/00172by the wet process C04B2111/00181Mixtures specially adapted for three-dimensional printing (3DP), stereo-lithography or prototyping C04B2111/00189Compositions or ingredients of the compositions characterised by analysis-spectra C04B2111/00198Characterisation or quantities of the compositions or their ingredients expressed as mathematical formulae or equations C04B2111/00206Compositions defined by their elemental analysis C04B2111/00215Mortar or concrete mixtures defined by their oxide composition C04B2111/00224Green materials C04B2111/00232Temporary foams C04B2111/00241Physical properties of the materials not provided for elsewhere in C04B2111/00 C04B2111/0025Compositions or ingredients of the compositions characterised by the crystal structure C04B2111/00258Electromagnetic wave absorbing or shielding materials C04B2111/00267Materials permeable to vapours or gases C04B2111/00275Materials impermeable to vapours or gases C04B2111/00284Materials permeable to liquids C04B2111/00293Materials impermeable to liquids C04B2111/00301Non-porous materials C04B2111/0031Heavy materials C04B2111/00318Materials characterised by relatively small dimensions C04B2111/00327for obtaining micro-structures C04B2111/00336Materials with a smooth surface C04B2111/00344Materials with friction-reduced moving parts C04B2111/00353Sliding parts C04B2111/00362Friction materials C04B2111/0037Materials containing oriented fillers or elements C04B2111/00379the oriented elements being fibres C04B2111/00387Anisotropic materials C04B2111/00396only the surface part being anisotropic C04B2111/00405Materials with a gradually increasing or decreasing concentration of ingredients or property from one layer to another C04B2111/00413Materials having an inhomogeneous concentration of ingredients or irregular properties in different layers C04B2111/00422Magnetic properties C04B2111/00431Refractory materials C04B2111/00439Physico-chemical properties of the materials not provided for elsewhere in C04B2111/00 C04B2111/00448Low heat cements C04B2111/00456Odorless cements C04B2111/00465Heat conducting materials C04B2111/00474Uses not provided for elsewhere in C04B2111/00 C04B2111/00482Coating or impregnation materials C04B2111/00491Primers C04B2111/005for frescos C04B2111/00508Cement paints C04B2111/00517for masonry C04B2111/00525for metallic surfaces C04B2111/00534for plastic surfaces C04B2111/00543for wet surfaces C04B2111/00551Refractory coatings C04B2111/0056for ship decks C04B2111/00568Multiple coating with same or similar material C04B2111/00577applied by spraying C04B2111/00586Roofing materials C04B2111/00594Concrete roof tiles C04B2111/00603Ceiling materials C04B2111/00612as one or more layers of a layered structure C04B2111/0062Gypsum-paper board like materials C04B2111/00629the covering sheets being made of material other than paper C04B2111/00637as glue or binder for uniting building or structural materials C04B2111/00646Masonry mortars C04B2111/00655Profiles C04B2111/00663as filling material for cavities or the like C04B2111/00672Pointing or jointing materials C04B2111/00681of the drying type C04B2111/00689of the setting type C04B2111/00698for cavity walls C04B2111/00706around pipelines or the like C04B2111/00715for fixing bolts or the like C04B2111/00724in mining operations C04B2111/00732for soil stabilisation C04B2111/00741Preventing erosion C04B2111/0075for road construction C04B2111/00758for agri-, sylvi- or piscicultural or cattle-breeding applications C04B2111/00767for waste stabilisation purposes C04B2111/00775the composition being used as waste barriers or the like C04B2111/00784for disposal only C04B2111/00793as filters or diaphragms C04B2111/00801Membranes; Diaphragms C04B2111/0081as catalysts or catalyst carriers C04B2111/00818Enzyme carriers C04B2111/00827Photocatalysts C04B2111/00836for medical or dental applications C04B2111/00844for electronic applications C04B2111/00853in electrochemical cells or batteries C04B2111/00862for nuclear applications C04B2111/0087for metallurgical applications C04B2111/00879Non-ferrous metallurgy C04B2111/00887Ferrous metallurgy C04B2111/00896as prepregs C04B2111/00905as preforms C04B2111/00913as ceramic preforms for the fabrication of metal matrix comp C04B2111/00922Preforms as such C04B2111/00931Coated or infiltrated preforms C04B2111/00939for the fabrication of moulds or cores C04B2111/00948for the fabrication of containers C04B2111/00956for making sculptures or artistic casts C04B2111/00965for household applications C04B2111/00974for pyrotechnic applications C04B2111/00982as construction elements for space vehicles or aeroplanes C04B2111/00991for testing C04B2111/10Compositions or ingredients thereof characterised by the absence or the very low content of a specific material C04B2111/1006Absence of well-defined organic compounds C04B2111/1012Organic solvents C04B2111/1018Gypsum free or very low gypsum content cement compositions C04B2111/1025Alkali-free or very low alkali-content materials C04B2111/1031Lime-free or very low lime-content materials C04B2111/1037Cement free compositions C04B2111/1043Calciumaluminate-free refractories C04B2111/105Alumina-free or very low alumina-content materials C04B2111/1056Silica-free or very low silica-content materials C04B2111/1062Halogen free or very low halogen-content materials C04B2111/1068Halogens other than chlorine C04B2111/1075Chromium-free or very low chromium-content materials C04B2111/1081Chromium VI C04B2111/1087Carbon free or very low carbon content fly ashes; Fly ashes treated to reduce their carbon content or the effect thereof C04B2111/1093Reducing the effect of the carbon content, without removing the carbon C04B2111/12Absence of mineral fibres C04B2111/125Mineral fibres other than asbestos C04B2111/20Resistance against chemical, physical or biological attack C04B2111/2007Avoiding unauthorised or unwanted use or treatment C04B2111/2015Sulfate resistance C04B2111/2023Resistance against alkali-aggregate reaction C04B2111/203Oil-proof or grease-repellant materials C04B2111/2038Resistance against physical degradation C04B2111/2046Shock-absorbing materials C04B2111/2053Earthquake- or hurricane-resistant materials C04B2111/2061Materials containing photocatalysts C04B2111/2069Self cleaning materials C04B2111/2076Discolouring resistant materials C04B2111/2084Thermal shock resistance C04B2111/2092Resistance against biological degradation C04B2111/21Efflorescence resistance C04B2111/22Carbonation resistance C04B2111/23Acid resistance C04B2111/24Sea water resistance C04B2111/25Graffiti resistance Graffiti removing C04B2111/26Corrosion of reinforcement resistance C04B2111/265Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures C04B2111/27Water resistance C04B2111/275Making materials water insoluble C04B2111/28Fire resistance C04B2111/285Intumescent materials C04B2111/29Frost-thaw resistance C04B2111/30Nailable or sawable materials C04B2111/32Expansion-inhibited materials C04B2111/325the expansion being inhibited in one direction only C04B2111/34Non-shrinking or non-cracking materials C04B2111/343Crack resistant materials C04B2111/346Materials exhibiting reduced plastic shrinkage cracking C04B2111/40Porous or lightweight materials C04B2111/42Floating materials C04B2111/50Flexible or elastic materials C04B2111/503Elastic materials C04B2111/506Bendable material C04B2111/52Sound-insulating materials C04B2111/54Substitutes for natural stone, artistic materials or the like C04B2111/542Artificial natural stone C04B2111/545Artificial marble C04B2111/547Imitating ancient compositions C04B2111/56Compositions suited for fabrication of pipes C04B2111/60Flooring materials C04B2111/62Self-levelling compositions C04B2111/70Grouts C04B2111/72Repairing or restoring existing buildings or building materials C04B2111/723Repairing reinforced concrete C04B2111/726by chemical conversion of unwanted deposits C04B2111/74Underwater applications C04B2111/76Use at unusual temperatures C04B2111/763High temperatures C04B2111/766Low temperatures, but above zero C04B2111/80Optical properties C04B2111/802White cement C04B2111/805Transparent material C04B2111/807Luminescent or fluorescent materials C04B2111/82Coloured materials C04B2111/90Electrical properties C04B2111/905Anti-static materials C04B2111/92Electrically insulating materials C04B2111/94Electrically conducting materials