Nature of the water, waste water, sewage or sludge to be treated


  • CPC
  • C02F2103/00
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Sub Industries

C02F2103/001Runoff or storm water C02F2103/002Grey water C02F2103/003Wastewater from hospitals, laboratories and the like, heavily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms C02F2103/005Black water originating from toilets C02F2103/006Dental effluents C02F2103/007Contaminated open waterways, rivers, lakes or ponds C02F2103/008Originating from marine vessels, ships and boats C02F2103/02Non-contaminated water C02F2103/023Water in cooling circuits C02F2103/026Treating water for medical or cosmetic purposes C02F2103/04For obtaining ultra-pure water C02F2103/06Contaminated groundwater or leachate C02F2103/08Seawater C02F2103/10from quarries or from mining activities C02F2103/12from the silicate or ceramic industries C02F2103/14Paint wastes C02F2103/16from metallurgical processes, i.e. from the production, refining or treatment of metals C02F2103/18from the purification of gaseous effluents C02F2103/20from animal husbandry C02F2103/22from the processing of animals C02F2103/24from tanneries C02F2103/26from the processing of plants or parts thereof C02F2103/28from the paper or cellulose industry C02F2103/30from the textile industry C02F2103/32from the food or foodstuff industry C02F2103/322from vegetable oil production C02F2103/325from processes relating to the production of wine products C02F2103/327from processes relating to the production of dairy products C02F2103/34from industrial activities not provided for in groups C02F2103/12 - C02F2103/32 C02F2103/343from the pharmaceutical industry C02F2103/346from semiconductor processing C02F2103/36from the manufacture of organic compounds C02F2103/365from petrochemical industry ( C02F2103/38Polymers C02F2103/40from the manufacture or use of photosensitive materials C02F2103/42from bathing facilities C02F2103/44from vehicle washing facilities