Network arrangements or protocols for real-time communications


  • CPC
  • H04L65/00
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Sub Industries

H04L65/10Signalling, control or architecture H04L65/1003Signalling or session protocols H04L65/1006SIP H04L65/1009H.323 H04L65/1013Network architectures, gateways, control or user entities H04L65/1016IMS H04L65/102Gateways H04L65/1023Media gateways H04L65/1026at the edge H04L65/103in the network H04L65/1033Signalling gateways H04L65/1036at the edge H04L65/104at the edge H04L65/1043MGC, MGCP or Megaco H04L65/1046Call controllers; Call servers H04L65/105Proxies H04L65/1053Arrangements providing PBX functionality H04L65/1056for multi-site H04L65/1059End-user terminal functionality H04L65/1063Application servers H04L65/1066Session control H04L65/1069Setup H04L65/1073Registration H04L65/1076Screening H04L65/1079of unsolicited session attempts H04L65/1083In-session procedures H04L65/1086session scope modification H04L65/1089by adding or removing media H04L65/1093by adding or removing participants H04L65/1096Features H04L65/40Services or applications H04L65/4007Services involving a main real-time session and one or more additional parallel sessions H04L65/4015where at least one of the additional parallel sessions is real time or time sensitive H04L65/4023where none of the additional parallel sessions is real time or time sensitive H04L65/403Arrangements for multiparty communication H04L65/4038with central floor control H04L65/4046with distributed floor control H04L65/4053without floor control H04L65/4061"Push-to-X" services H04L65/4069Services related to one way streaming H04L65/4076Multicast or broadcast H04L65/4084Content on demand H04L65/4092Control of source by destination H04L65/60Media handling, encoding, streaming or conversion H04L65/601Media manipulation, adaptation or conversion H04L65/602at the source H04L65/604at the destination H04L65/605intermediate H04L65/607Stream encoding details H04L65/608Streaming protocols H04L65/80QoS aspects