Non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels


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  • B60C27/00
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Sub Industries

B60C27/003Mounting aids B60C27/006provided with protective parts B60C27/02extending over restricted arcuate parts of the circumference of the tread B60C27/0207involving lugs or rings taking up wear B60C27/0215Profiled links B60C27/0223Studded links B60C27/023provided with radial arms for supporting the ground engaging parts on the wheel B60C27/0238provided with tensioning means B60C27/0246Resilient pretension B60C27/0253Centrifugal forces for tensioning while driving B60C27/0261provided with fastening means B60C27/0269acting on the wheel B60C27/0276through apertures in the rim B60C27/0284acting on the tread portion B60C27/0292acting on the sidewall of the tyre B60C27/04the ground-engaging part being rigid B60C27/045involving retractable devices B60C27/06extending over the complete circumference of the tread B60C27/061provided with radial arms for supporting the ground engaging parts on the tread B60C27/062provided with fastening means B60C27/063acting on the wheel B60C27/064through apertures in the rim B60C27/065acting on the tread portion B60C27/066acting on the sidewall of the tyre B60C27/067Special chain layout; i.e. distribution of chain portions over the tread B60C27/068the ground-engaging part being rigid B60C27/08involving lugs or rings taking up wear B60C27/083Profiled links, i.e. cross-section other than round B60C27/086Studded links B60C27/10provided with tensioning means B60C27/12resilient pretension B60C27/125Centrifugal forces for tensioning while driving B60C27/14automatically attachable B60C27/145the anti-skid device being wound around the wheel by its rotation from a point connected to the body frame of the vehicle B60C27/16formed of close material B60C27/18the material being fabric B60C27/20comprising ground-engaging plate-like elements B60C27/22for tandem tyres