Optical objectives specially designed for the purposes specified below


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  • G02B13/00
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Sub Industries

G02B13/0005having F-Theta characteristic G02B13/001Miniaturised objectives for electronic devices G02B13/0015characterised by the lens design G02B13/002having at least one aspherical surface G02B13/0025having one lens only G02B13/003having two lenses G02B13/0035having three lenses G02B13/004having four lenses G02B13/0045having five or more lenses G02B13/005having spherical lenses only G02B13/0055employing a special optical element G02B13/006at least one element being a compound optical element G02B13/0065having a beam-folding prism or mirror G02B13/007the beam folding prism having at least one curved surface G02B13/0075having an element with variable optical properties G02B13/008designed for infrared light G02B13/0085employing wafer level optics G02B13/009having zoom function G02B13/0095Relay lenses or rod lenses G02B13/02Telephoto objectives G02B13/04Reversed telephoto objectives G02B13/06Panoramic objectives So-called "sky lenses" including panoramic objectives having reflecting surfaces G02B13/08Anamorphotic objectives G02B13/10involving prisms G02B13/12with variable magnification G02B13/14for use with infra-red or ultra-violet radiation G02B13/143for use with ultra-violet radiation G02B13/146with corrections for use in multiple wavelength bands, such as infra-red and visible light G02B13/16for use in conjunction with image converters or intensifiers , or for use with projectors G02B13/18with lenses having one or more non-spherical face G02B13/20Soft-focus objectives G02B13/22Telecentric objectives or lens systems G02B13/24for reproducing or copying at short object distances G02B13/26for reproducing with unit magnification