Optical parts


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  • G02C7/00
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G02C7/02Lenses Lens systems; Methods of designing lenses G02C7/021with pattern for identification or with cosmetic or therapeutic effects G02C7/022Ophthalmic lenses having special refractive features achieved by special materials or material structures G02C7/024Methods of designing ophthalmic lenses G02C7/025considering parameters of the viewed object G02C7/027considering wearer's parameters G02C7/028Special mathematical design techniques G02C7/04Contact lenses for the eyes G02C7/041bifocal; multifocal G02C7/042Simultaneous type G02C7/043Translating type G02C7/044Annular configuration G02C7/045Sectorial configuration G02C7/046Contact lenses having an iris pattern G02C7/047Contact lens fitting; Contact lenses for orthokeratology; Contact lenses for specially shaped corneae G02C7/048Means for stabilising the orientation of lenses in the eye G02C7/049Contact lenses having special fitting or structural features achieved by special materials or material structures G02C7/06bifocal multifocal; progressive G02C7/061Spectacle lenses with progressively varying focal power G02C7/063Shape of the progressive surface G02C7/065Properties on the principal line G02C7/066Shape, location or size of the viewing zones G02C7/068Special properties achieved by the combination of the front and back surfaces G02C7/08Auxiliary lenses Arrangements for varying focal length G02C7/081Ophthalmic lenses with variable focal length G02C7/083Electrooptic lenses G02C7/085Fluid-filled lenses G02C7/086Auxiliary lenses located directly on a main spectacle lens or in the immediate vicinity of main spectacles G02C7/088Lens systems mounted to spectacles G02C7/10Filter G02C7/101having an electro-optical light valve G02C7/102Photochromic filters G02C7/104having spectral characteristics for purposes other than sun-protection G02C7/105having inhomogeneously distributed colouring G02C7/107Interference colour filters G02C7/108Colouring materials G02C7/12Polarisers G02C7/14Mirrors Prisms G02C7/16Shades shields Obturators G02C7/165with stenopaeic apertures