Orthogonal indexing scheme relating to electric switches, relays, selectors or emergency protective devices covered by H01H


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  • H01H2300/00
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Sub Industries

H01H2300/002Application electric motor braking H01H2300/004Application hearing aid H01H2300/006Application power roofs H01H2300/008Application power seats H01H2300/01Application power window H01H2300/012Application rear view mirror H01H2300/014Application surgical instrument H01H2300/016Application timepiece H01H2300/018Application transfer between utility and emergency power supply H01H2300/02Application transmission H01H2300/022Application wake up switches or contacts specially provided for the wake up or standby shift of a circuit H01H2300/024Avoid unwanted operation H01H2300/026Application dead man switch: power must be interrupted on release of operating member H01H2300/028Application dead man switch, i.e. power being interrupted by panic reaction of operator H01H2300/03Application domotique H01H2300/032using RFID technology in switching devices H01H2300/034using magnetic shape memory [MSM] also an austenite-martensite transformation, but then magnetically controlled H01H2300/036Application nanoparticles H01H2300/038Preselection, i.e. the output of a switch depends on a particular preselection H01H2300/04Programmable interface between a set of switches and a set of functions H01H2300/042Application rejection H01H2300/044Application rejection 1: coded interacting surfaces, polarising H01H2300/046using snap closing mechanisms H01H2300/048Snap closing by latched movable contact, wherein the movable contact is held in a minimal distance from the fixed contact during first phase of closing sequence in which a closing spring is charged H01H2300/05Snap closing with trip, wherein the contacts are locked open during charging of mechanism and unlocked by separate trip device H01H2300/052Controlling, signalling or testing correct functioning of a switch H01H2300/054Application timeslot: duration of actuation or delay between or combination of subsequent actuations determines selected function H01H2300/056Tools for actuating a switch H01H2300/058using apparatus with a spring motor or a snap-acting mechanism for actuating any one of a number of circuit breakers H01H2300/06using tools as locking means H01H2300/062for locking a charged spring H01H2300/064by means of removable member H01H2300/066for locking a switch in a test or an "installation" position