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  • B60W2710/00
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Sub Industries

B60W2710/02Clutches B60W2710/021Clutch engagement state B60W2710/022Clutch actuator position B60W2710/023Clutch engagement rate B60W2710/024of torque converter lock-up clutch B60W2710/025Clutch slip B60W2710/026Slip change rate B60W2710/027Clutch torque B60W2710/028Clutch input shaft speed B60W2710/029Clutch temperature B60W2710/06Combustion engines, Gas turbines B60W2710/0605Throttle position B60W2710/0611Throttle change rate B60W2710/0616Position of fuel or air injector B60W2710/0622Air-fuel ratio B60W2710/0627Fuel flow rate B60W2710/0633Inlet air flow rate B60W2710/0638Turbocharger state B60W2710/0644Engine speed B60W2710/065Idle condition B60W2710/0655Coasting condition B60W2710/0661Speed change rate B60W2710/0666Engine torque B60W2710/0672Torque change rate B60W2710/0677Engine power B60W2710/0683Engine manifold pressure B60W2710/0688Engine temperature B60W2710/0694Engine exhaust temperature B60W2710/08Electric propulsion units B60W2710/081Speed B60W2710/082Speed change rate B60W2710/083Torque B60W2710/085Torque change rate B60W2710/086Power B60W2710/087Power change rate B60W2710/088Temperature B60W2710/09Other types of propulsion units B60W2710/10Change speed gearings B60W2710/1005Transmission ratio engaged B60W2710/1011Input shaft speed B60W2710/1016Input speed change rate B60W2710/1022Input torque B60W2710/1027Input torque change rate B60W2710/1033Input power B60W2710/1038Output speed B60W2710/1044Output speed change rate B60W2710/105Output torque B60W2710/1055Output torque change rate B60W2710/1061Output power B60W2710/1066Transmission of zero torque B60W2710/1072Temperature B60W2710/1077fluid pressure, e.g.oil pressure B60W2710/1083pressure of control fluid B60W2710/1088pressure of working fluid B60W2710/1094Direction of power flow B60W2710/12Differentials B60W2710/125Locking status B60W2710/18Braking system B60W2710/182Brake pressure B60W2710/184Brake temperature B60W2710/186Status of parking brakes B60W2710/188Parking lock mechanisms B60W2710/20Steering systems B60W2710/202Steering torque B60W2710/205Steering speed B60W2710/207Steering angle of wheels B60W2710/22Suspension systems B60W2710/223Stiffness B60W2710/226Damping B60W2710/24Energy storage means B60W2710/242for electrical energy B60W2710/244Charge state B60W2710/246Temperature B60W2710/248Current for loading or unloading B60W2710/28Fuel cells B60W2710/285Temperature B60W2710/30Auxiliary equipments B60W2710/305target power to auxiliaries