Packet switching elements


  • CPC
  • H04L49/00
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Sub Industries

H04L49/10Switching fabric construction H04L49/101Crossbar or matrix H04L49/102using shared medium H04L49/103using shared central buffer, shared memory H04L49/104ATM switching fabrics H04L49/105ATM switching elements H04L49/106using space switching H04L49/107using shared medium H04L49/108using shared central buffer H04L49/109integrated on microchip H04L49/15Interconnection of switching modules H04L49/1507Distribute and route fabrics H04L49/1515Non-blocking multistage H04L49/1523Parallel switch fabric planes H04L49/153ATM switching fabrics having parallel switch planes H04L49/1538Cell slicing H04L49/1546Pipelined operation H04L49/1553Interconnection of ATM switching modules H04L49/1561Distribute and route fabrics H04L49/1569Clos switching fabrics H04L49/1576Crossbar or matrix H04L49/1584Full Mesh H04L49/1592Perfect Shuffle H04L49/20Support for services or operations H04L49/201Multicast or broadcast H04L49/203ATM switching fabrics with multicast or broadcast capabilities H04L49/205Quality of Service based H04L49/206Real Time traffic H04L49/208Port mirroring H04L49/25Routing or path finding through a switch fabric H04L49/251Cut-through or wormhole routing H04L49/252Store and forward routing H04L49/253Connections establishment or release between ports H04L49/254Centralized controller H04L49/255Control mechanisms for ATM switching fabrics H04L49/256Routing or path finding in ATM switching fabrics H04L49/257Cut-through or wormhole routing H04L49/258Grouping H04L49/30Peripheral units H04L49/3009Header conversion, routing tables or routing tags H04L49/3018Input queuing H04L49/3027Output queuing H04L49/3036Shared queuing H04L49/3045Virtual queuing H04L49/3054Auto-negotiation H04L49/3063Pipelined operation H04L49/3072Packet splitting H04L49/3081ATM peripheral units H04L49/309Header conversion, routing tables or routing tags H04L49/35Application specific switches H04L49/351LAN switches H04L49/352Gigabit ethernet switching [GBPS] H04L49/353Support for fire wire switches H04L49/354Support for virtual LAN, VLAN tagging or multiple registration H04L49/355Application aware switches H04L49/356Storage area network switches H04L49/357Fibre channel switches H04L49/358Infiniband Switches H04L49/40Physical details H04L49/405Physical details H04L49/45Provisions for supporting expansion H04L49/455Provisions for supporting expansion in ATM switches H04L49/50Overload detection; Overload protection H04L49/501Overload detection H04L49/503Policing H04L49/505Corrective Measures H04L49/506Backpressure H04L49/508Head of Line Blocking Avoidance H04L49/55Error prevention, detection or correction H04L49/552Error prevention H04L49/555Error detection H04L49/557Error correction H04L49/60Hybrid or multiprotocol packet, ATM or frame switches H04L49/602Multilayer or multiprotocol switching H04L49/604Hybrid IP/Ethernet switches H04L49/606Hybrid ATM switches H04L49/608ATM switches adapted to switch variable length packets H04L49/65Fast packet switch re-configuration H04L49/70Virtual switches H04L49/90Queuing arrangements H04L49/9005Dynamic buffer space allocation H04L49/901Storage descriptor H04L49/9015for supporting a linked list H04L49/9021Plurality of buffers per packet H04L49/9026Single buffer per packet H04L49/9031Wraparound memory H04L49/9036Common buffer combined with individual queues H04L49/9042Separate storage for different parts of the packet H04L49/9047Buffer pool H04L49/9052with buffers of different sizes H04L49/9057Arrangements for supporting packet reassembly or resequencing H04L49/9063Intermediate storage in different physical parts of a node or terminal H04L49/9068in the network interface card H04L49/9073Early interruption upon arrival of a fraction of a packet H04L49/9078using an external memory or storage device H04L49/9084Reactions to storage capacity overflow H04L49/9089replacing packets in a storage arrangement H04L49/9094Arrangements for simultaneous transmit and receive