Power cables


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  • H01B9/00
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H01B9/001Power supply cables for the electrodes of electric-welding apparatus or electric-arc furnaces H01B9/003including electrical control or communication wires H01B9/005including optical transmission elements H01B9/006Constructional features relating to the conductors H01B9/008for overhead application H01B9/02with screens or conductive layers H01B9/021Features relating to screening tape per se H01B9/022composed of longitudinal lapped tape-conductors H01B9/023composed of helicoidally wound tape-conductors H01B9/024composed of braided metal wire H01B9/025composed of helicoidally wound wire-conductors H01B9/026composed of longitudinally posed wire-conductors H01B9/027composed of semi-conducting layers H01B9/028with screen grounding means H01B9/029Screen interconnecting circuits H01B9/04Concentric cables H01B9/06Gas-pressure cables Oil-pressure cables Cables for use in conduits under fluid pressure H01B9/0605Gas-pressure cables with enclosed conduits H01B9/0611Oil-pressure cables H01B9/0616Oil-pressure cables with enclosed conduits H01B9/0622Cables for use in conduits under gas-pressure H01B9/0627Cables for use in conduits under oil-pressure H01B9/0633Expansion-absorbing apparatus, enclosed within the cable H01B9/0638Features relating to the conductors of gas-pressure cables H01B9/0644Features relating to the dielectric of gas-pressure cables H01B9/065Tubular insulation H01B9/0655Helically wrapped insulation H01B9/0661Longitudinally wrapped insulation H01B9/0666Discontinuous insulation H01B9/0672having the shape of a disc H01B9/0677Features relating to the enclosing sheath of gas-pressure cables H01B9/0683Features relating to the conductors of oil-pressure cables H01B9/0688Features relating to the dielectric of oil-pressure cables H01B9/0694Features relating to the enclosing sheath of oil-pressure cables