Preparation of hydrocarbons from one or more compounds, none of them being a hydrocarbon


  • CPC
  • C07C1/00
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Sub Industries

C07C1/02from oxides of a carbon C07C1/04from carbon monoxide with hydrogen C07C1/0405Apparatus C07C1/041Reactors C07C1/0415with moving catalysts C07C1/042Temperature controlling devices; Heat exchangers C07C1/0425Catalysts; their physical properties C07C1/043characterised by the composition C07C1/0435containing a metal of group 8 or a compound thereof C07C1/044containing iron C07C1/0445Preparation; Activation C07C1/045Regeneration C07C1/0455Reaction conditions C07C1/046Numerical values of parameters C07C1/0465concerning fluidisation C07C1/047Processes in which one or more parameters are changed during the process; Starting-up of the process C07C1/0475Regulating C07C1/048Temperature controlling measures C07C1/0485Set-up of reactors or accessories; Multi-step processes C07C1/049Coupling of the reaction and regeneration of the catalyst C07C1/0495Non-catalytic processes; Catalytic processes in which there is also another way of activation C07C1/06in the presence of organic compounds C07C1/063the organic compound being the catalyst or a part of the catalyst system C07C1/066used for dissolving, suspending or transporting the catalyst C07C1/08Isosyntheses C07C1/10from carbon monoxide with water vapour C07C1/12from carbon dioxide with hydrogen C07C1/20starting from organic compounds containing only oxygen atoms as heteroatoms C07C1/207from carbonyl compounds C07C1/2072by condensation C07C1/2074of only one compound C07C1/2076by a transformation in which at least one -C(=O)- moiety is eliminated C07C1/2078by a transformation in which at least one -C(=O)-O- moiety is eliminated C07C1/213by splitting of esters C07C1/22by reduction C07C1/24by elimination of water C07C1/247by splitting of cyclic ethers C07C1/26starting from organic compounds containing only halogen atoms as hetero-atoms C07C1/28by ring closure C07C1/30by splitting-off the elements of hydrogen halide from a single molecule C07C1/32starting from compounds containing hetero-atoms other than or in addition to oxygen or halogen C07C1/321the hetero-atom being a non-metal atom C07C1/322the hetero-atom being a sulfur atom C07C1/323the hetero-atom being a nitrogen atom C07C1/324the hetero-atom being a phosphorus atom C07C1/325the hetero-atom being a metal atom C07C1/326the hetero-atom being a magnesium atom C07C1/327the hetero-atom being an aluminium atom C07C1/328the hetero-atom being an alkali metal atom C07C1/34reacting phosphines with aldehydes or ketones C07C1/36by splitting of esters