Preparations containing radioactive substances for use in therapy or testing in vivo


  • CPC
  • A61K51/00
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Sub Industries

A61K51/02characterised by the carrier A61K51/025inorganic Tc complexes or compounds A61K51/04organic compounds A61K51/0402carboxylic acid carriers, fatty acids A61K51/0404Lipids A61K51/0406Amines, polyamines A61K51/0408Phospholipids A61K51/041Heterocyclic compounds A61K51/0412having oxygen as the only ring hetero atom A61K51/0414having three-membered rings A61K51/0417having four-membered rings A61K51/0419having five-membered rings with one oxygen as the only ring hetero atom A61K51/0421having six-membered rings with one oxygen as the only ring hetero atom A61K51/0423having two or more oxygen atoms in the same ring A61K51/0425compounds containing methylenedioxyphenol groups A61K51/0427Lactones A61K51/0429having sulfur as a ring hetero atom A61K51/0431having five-membered rings A61K51/0434having six-membered rings A61K51/0436having two or more sulfur atoms in the same ring A61K51/0438having oxygen in the same ring A61K51/044having nitrogen as a ring hetero atom A61K51/0442having three-membered rings A61K51/0444having four-membered rings A61K51/0446having five-membered rings with one nitrogen as the only ring hetero atom A61K51/0448tropane or nortropane groups A61K51/0451having four such rings A61K51/0453having five-membered rings with two or more ring hetero atoms, at least one of which being nitrogen A61K51/0455having six-membered rings with one nitrogen as the only ring hetero atom A61K51/0457Vesamicol A61K51/0459having six-membered rings with two nitrogen atoms as the only ring hetero atoms A61K51/0461having six-membered rings with three nitrogens as the only ring hetero atoms A61K51/0463having six-membered rings with at least one nitrogen and one oxygen as the ring hetero atoms A61K51/0465having six-membered rings with at least one nitrogen and one sulfur as the ring hetero atoms A61K51/0468having seven-membered rings A61K51/047Benzodiazepines A61K51/0472containing heavy metals A61K51/0474complexes or complex-forming compounds, i.e. wherein a radioactive metal ( A61K51/0476complexes from monodendate ligands A61K51/0478complexes from non-cyclic ligands A61K51/048DTPA (diethylenetriamine tetraacetic acid) A61K51/0482chelates from cyclic ligands A61K51/0485Porphyrins, texaphyrins wherein the nitrogen atoms forming the central ring system complex the radioactive metal A61K51/0487Metallocenes A61K51/0489Phosphates or phosphonates A61K51/0491Sugars, nucleosides, nucleotides, oligonucleotides, nucleic acids A61K51/0493Steroids A61K51/0495Pretargeting A61K51/0497conjugates with a carrier being an organic compounds A61K51/06Macromolecular compounds, carriers being organic macromolecular compounds A61K51/065conjugates with carriers being macromolecules A61K51/08Peptides A61K51/081the protein being an albumin A61K51/082the peptide being a RGD-containing peptide A61K51/083the peptide being octreotide or a somatostatin-receptor-binding peptide A61K51/084the peptide being oxytocin A61K51/085the peptide being neurotensin A61K51/086the peptide being alphaMSH, alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone A61K51/087the peptide being an annexin A61K51/088conjugates with carriers being peptides, polyamino acids, proteins A61K51/10Antibodies or immunoglobulins Fragments thereof, the carrier being an antibody or an immunoglobulin, or a fragment thereof A61K51/1003not used, see subgroups A61K51/1006the antibody being against or targeting material from viruses A61K51/1009against material from bacteria A61K51/1012against material from fungi, lichens, algae A61K51/1015against material from plants A61K51/1018against material from animals or humans A61K51/1021against cytokines A61K51/1024against hormones, hormone-releasing or hormone-inhibiting factors A61K51/1027against receptors, cell-surface antigens, cell-surface determinants A61K51/103against receptors for growth factors or receptors for growth regulators A61K51/1033against receptors for cytokines, lymphokines, interferons A61K51/1036against hormone receptors A61K51/1039against T-cell receptors A61K51/1042against Tcell receptor (TcR)-CD3 complex A61K51/1045against animal or human tumor cells or tumor cell determinants A61K51/1048the tumor cell determinant being a carcino embryonic antigen A61K51/1051the tumor cell being from breast A61K51/1054the tumor cell being from lung A61K51/1057the tumour cell being from liver or pancreas A61K51/106the tumor cell being from kidney, bladder A61K51/1063the tumor cell being from stomach or intestines A61K51/1066the tumor cell being from skin A61K51/1069the tumor cell being from blood cells A61K51/1072the tumor cell being from the reproductive system A61K51/1075the antibody being against an enzyme A61K51/1078the antibody being against an immunoglobulin A61K51/1081the antibody being against a material not provided elsewhere A61K51/1084the antibody being a hybrid immunoglobulin A61K51/1087the immunoglobulin comprises domains from different animal species A61K51/109immunoglobulins having two or more different antigen-binding sites, multifunctional antibodies A61K51/1093conjugates with carriers being antibodies A61K51/1096radioimmunotoxins A61K51/12characterised by a special physical form A61K51/1203in a form not provided for by groups A61K51/1206 - A61K51/1296 A61K51/1206Administration of radioactive gases, aerosols or breath tests A61K51/121Solutions A61K51/1213Semi-solid forms, gels, hydrogels, ointments, fats and waxes that are solid at room temperature A61K51/1217Dispersions, suspensions, colloids, emulsions A61K51/122Micro-emulsions, nano-emulsions A61K51/1224Lipoprotein vesicles A61K51/1227Micelles A61K51/1231Aerosols or breath tests A61K51/1234Liposomes A61K51/1237Polymersomes A61K51/1241particles, powders, lyophilizates, adsorbates A61K51/1244micro- particles or nano-particles A61K51/1248nanotubes A61K51/1251micro- or nano-spheres, micro- or nano-beads, micro- or nano-capsules A61K51/1255Granulates, agglomerates, microspheres A61K51/1258Pills, tablets, lozenges A61K51/1262Capsules A61K51/1265Microcapsules A61K51/1268host-guest, closed hollow molecules, inclusion complexes A61K51/1272Sponges A61K51/1275Fibers, textiles, slabbs, or sheets A61K51/1279Plasters, bandages, dressings, patches or adhesives A61K51/1282Devices used in vivo and carrying the radioactive therapeutic or diagnostic agent, therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic kits, stents A61K51/1286Ampoules, glass carriers carrying the therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic agent A61K51/1289Devices or containers for impregnation, for emanation A61K51/1293Radioactive cosmetics A61K51/1296Radioactive food