Preparations for dentistry


  • CPC
  • A61K6/00
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Sub Industries

A61K6/0002Compositions characterised by physical properties A61K6/0005by refractive index A61K6/0008by particle size A61K6/0011by retraction A61K6/0014Self-expanding A61K6/0017Protective coating for natural or artificial teeth, such as sealing, dye coating, varnish A61K6/002Compositions for detecting or measuring A61K6/0023Chemical means for temporarily or permanently fixing teeth, palates or the like A61K6/0026Preparations for stabilising dentures in the mouth A61K6/0029Primers A61K6/0032Use of preparations for dental root treatment A61K6/0035Cleaning; Disinfecting A61K6/0038Filling; Sealing A61K6/0041Apical treatment A61K6/0044in combination with dental implants A61K6/0047Preparations for dentistry characterised by the presence of organic or organo-metallic additives A61K6/005Cationic, anionic or redox initiators A61K6/0052Photochemical radical initiators A61K6/0055Thermal radical initiators A61K6/0058Dyes A61K6/0061photochromic A61K6/0064thermochromic A61K6/0067Medicaments; Drugs A61K6/007Preparations for dentistry characterized by the presence of inorganic additives A61K6/0073Fillers A61K6/0076comprising nitrogen-containing compounds A61K6/0079comprising sulfur-containing compounds A61K6/0082comprising phosphorus-containing compounds A61K6/0085Apatite A61K6/0088comprising silicon-containing compounds A61K6/0091Glass A61K6/0094Pigments A61K6/0097Initiators A61K6/02Use of preparations for artificial teeth, for filling or for capping teeth A61K6/0205Ceramics A61K6/021comprising manganese oxide A61K6/0215comprising magnesium oxide A61K6/022comprising beryllium oxide A61K6/0225comprising chromium oxide A61K6/023comprising iron oxide A61K6/0235comprising titanium oxide A61K6/024comprising zirconium oxide A61K6/0245comprising hafnium oxide A61K6/025comprising rare earth metal oxides A61K6/0255comprising transition metal oxides A61K6/026Leucite A61K6/0265Cermet-composites A61K6/027Use of non-metallic elements or compounds thereof A61K6/0273Glass-ceramic-composites A61K6/0276Glasses A61K6/033Phosphorus compounds A61K6/04Use of metals or alloys A61K6/043Rare earth metals A61K6/046Noble metals A61K6/05Amalgams A61K6/06Use of inorganic cements A61K6/0606Portland cements A61K6/0612Silicates A61K6/0618Pozzolans A61K6/0625Calcium sulfates/gypsum A61K6/0631Al-cements A61K6/0637Ca-Al-sulfate-cements A61K6/0643Phosphate cements A61K6/065Ammonium cements A61K6/0656Zeolite A61K6/0662Quartz or SiO2 A61K6/0668Carbonates A61K6/0675Calcium oxide A61K6/0681comprising zirconium oxide A61K6/0687comprising chromium oxide A61K6/0693comprising carbides A61K6/08Use of natural or synthetic resins A61K6/083Compounds obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K6/0835Polycarboxylate cements or glass ionomer cements A61K6/087Compounds obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds A61K6/09Polyurethanes A61K6/093Polyorganosilicon compounds A61K6/097Polysaccharides A61K6/10Compositions for taking dental impressions