Primary cells Manufacture thereof


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  • H01M6/00
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Sub Industries

H01M6/005Devices for making primary cells H01M6/02Details H01M6/04Cells with aqueous electrolyte H01M6/045characterised by aqueous electrolyte H01M6/06Dry cells H01M6/08with cup shaped electrodes H01M6/085of the reversed type H01M6/10with wound or folded electrodes H01M6/103Cells with electrode of only one polarity being folded or wound H01M6/12with flat electrodes H01M6/14Cells with non-aqueous electrolyte H01M6/145containing ammonia H01M6/16with organic electrolyte H01M6/162characterised by the electrolyte H01M6/164by the solvent H01M6/166by the solute H01M6/168by additives H01M6/18with solid electrolyte H01M6/181with polymeric electrolytes H01M6/182with halogenide as solid electrolyte H01M6/183with fluoride as solid electrolyte H01M6/185with oxides, hydroxides or oxysalts as solid electrolytes H01M6/186Only oxysalts-containing solid electrolytes H01M6/187Solid electrolyte characterised by the form H01M6/188Processes of manufacture H01M6/20working at high temperature H01M6/22Immobilising of electrolyte H01M6/24Cells comprising two different electrolytes H01M6/26Cells without oxidising active material H01M6/28Standard cells H01M6/30Deferred-action cells H01M6/32activated through external addition of electrolyte or of electrolyte components H01M6/34Immersion cells H01M6/36containing electrolyte and made operational by physical means H01M6/38by mechanical means H01M6/385by insertion of electrodes H01M6/40Printed batteries H01M6/42Grouping of primary cells into batteries H01M6/425Multimode batteries, batteries with "reserve cells" H01M6/44of tubular or cup-shaped cells H01M6/46of flat cells H01M6/48with bipolar electrodes H01M6/485Side-by-side bipolar batteries H01M6/50Methods or arrangements for servicing or maintenance H01M6/5005Auxiliary electrodes H01M6/5011for several cells simultaneously or successively H01M6/5016Multimode utilisation H01M6/5022Arrangements for moving electrodes or separating elements H01M6/5027Dummy cells H01M6/5033used as charging means for another battery H01M6/5038Heating or cooling of cells or batteries H01M6/5044Cells or batteries structurally combined with cell condition indicating means H01M6/505Cells combined with indicating means for externally visualisation of the condition H01M6/5055End of discharge indicated by a voltage step H01M6/5061cells combined with sound indicating means H01M6/5066Type recognition H01M6/5072Preserving or storing cells H01M6/5077Regeneration of reactants or electrolyte H01M6/5083Testing apparatus H01M6/5088Initial activation; predischarge; Stabilisation of initial voltage H01M6/52Reclaiming serviceable parts of waste cells or batteries