Processes, in general, for preparing catalysts Processes, in general, for activation of catalysts


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  • B01J37/00
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Sub Industries

B01J37/0009Use of binding agents; Moulding; Pressing; Powdering; Granulating; Addition of materials ameliorating the mechanical properties of the product catalyst B01J37/0018Addition of a binding agent or of material, later completely removed among others as result of heat treatment, leaching or washing,( B01J37/0027Powdering B01J37/0036Grinding B01J37/0045Drying a slurry B01J37/0054Drying of aerosols B01J37/0063Granulating B01J37/0072Preparation of particles B01J37/0081Preparation by melting B01J37/009Preparation by separation B01J37/02Impregnation, coating or precipitation B01J37/0201Impregnation B01J37/0203the impregnation liquid containing organic compounds B01J37/0205in several steps B01J37/0207Pretreatment of the support B01J37/0209involving a reaction between the support and a fluid B01J37/0211using a colloidal suspension B01J37/0213Preparation of the impregnating solution B01J37/0215Coating B01J37/0217Pretreatment of the substrate before coating B01J37/0219the coating containing organic compounds B01J37/0221of particles B01J37/0223by rotation B01J37/0225of metal substrates B01J37/0226Oxidation of the substrate B01J37/0228in several steps B01J37/023using molten compounds B01J37/0232by pulverisation B01J37/0234Impregnation and coating simultaneously B01J37/0236Drying B01J37/0238via the gaseous phase-sublimation B01J37/024Multiple impregnation or coating B01J37/0242Coating followed by impregnation B01J37/0244Coatings comprising several layers B01J37/0246Coatings comprising a zeolite B01J37/0248Coatings comprising impregnated particles B01J37/03Precipitation Co-precipitation B01J37/031Precipitation B01J37/033Using Hydrolysis B01J37/035Precipitation on carriers B01J37/036to form a gel or a cogel B01J37/038to form slurries or suspensions B01J37/04Mixing B01J37/06Washing B01J37/08Heat treatment B01J37/082Decomposition and pyrolysis B01J37/084Decomposition of carbon-containing compounds into carbon B01J37/086Decomposition of an organometallic compound, a metal complex or a metal salt of a carboxylic acid B01J37/088Decomposition of a metal salt B01J37/10in the presence of water B01J37/105Hydropyrolysis B01J37/12Oxidising B01J37/14with gases containing free oxygen B01J37/16Reducing B01J37/18with gases containing free hydrogen B01J37/20Sulfiding B01J37/22Halogenating B01J37/24Chlorinating B01J37/26Fluorinating B01J37/28Phosphorising B01J37/30Ion-exchange B01J37/32Freeze drying B01J37/34Irradiation by, or application of, electric, magnetic or wave energy B01J37/341making use of electric or magnetic fields, wave energy or particle radiation B01J37/342of electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields B01J37/343of ultrasonic wave energy B01J37/344of electromagnetic wave energy B01J37/345of ultraviolet wave energy B01J37/346of microwave energy B01J37/347Ionic or cathodic spraying; Electric discharge B01J37/348Electrochemical processes B01J37/349making use of flames, plasmas or lasers B01J37/36Biochemical methods