Processes specially adapted for manufacturing semi-permeable membranes for separation processes or apparatus


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  • B01D67/00
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Sub Industries

B01D67/0002Organic membrane formation B01D67/0004by agglomeration of particles B01D67/0006by chemical reactions B01D67/0009by phase separation, sol-gel transition, evaporation or solvent quenching B01D67/0011Casting solutions therefor B01D67/0013Casting processes B01D67/0016Coagulation B01D67/0018Thermally induced processes B01D67/002from melts B01D67/0023by inducing porosity into non porous precursor membranes B01D67/0025by mechanical treatment B01D67/0027by stretching B01D67/003by selective elimination of components B01D67/0032by elimination of segments of the precurdor B01D67/0034by micromachining techniques B01D67/0037by deposition from the gaseous phase B01D67/0039Inorganic membrane formation B01D67/0041by agglomeration of particles in the dry state B01D67/0044by chemical reaction B01D67/0046by slurry techniques B01D67/0048by sol-gel transition B01D67/0051by controlled crystallisation, e,.g. hydrothermal growth B01D67/0053by inducing porosity into non porous precursor membranes B01D67/0055by mechanical treatment B01D67/0058by selective elimination of components B01D67/006by elimination of segments of the precursor B01D67/0062by micromachining techniques B01D67/0065by anodic oxidation B01D67/0067by carbonisation or pyrolysis B01D67/0069by deposition from the liquid phase B01D67/0072by deposition from the gaseous phase B01D67/0074from melts B01D67/0076Pretreatment of inorganic membrane material prior to membrane formation B01D67/0079Formation of membranes comprising organic and inorganic components B01D67/0081After-treatment of organic or inorganic membranes B01D67/0083Thermal after-treatment B01D67/0086Mechanical after-treatment B01D67/0088Physical treatment with compounds B01D67/009with wave-energy, particle-radiation or plasma B01D67/0093Chemical modification B01D67/0095Drying B01D67/0097Storing or preservation