Properties of cosmetic compositions or active ingredients thereof or formulation aids used therein and process related aspects


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  • A61K2800/00
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Sub Industries

A61K2800/10General cosmetic use A61K2800/20Chemical, physico-chemical or functional or structural properties of the composition as a whole A61K2800/21Emulsions characterized by droplet sizes below 1 micron A61K2800/22Gas releasing A61K2800/222Effervescent A61K2800/24Thermal properties A61K2800/242Exothermic Self-heating Heating sensation A61K2800/244Endothermic Cooling Cooling sensation A61K2800/26Optical properties A61K2800/262Transparent Translucent A61K2800/28Rubbing or scrubbing compositions Peeling or abrasive compositions Containing exfoliants A61K2800/30Characterized by the absence of a particular group of ingredients A61K2800/31Anhydrous A61K2800/33Free of surfactant A61K2800/34Free of silicones A61K2800/40Chemical, physico-chemical or functional or structural properties of particular ingredients A61K2800/41Particular ingredients further characterized by their size A61K2800/412Micro-sized A61K2800/413Nano-sized A61K2800/42Colour properties A61K2800/43Pigments Dyes A61K2800/432Direct dyes A61K2800/4322in preparations for temporarily coloring the hair further containing an oxidizing agent A61K2800/4324in preparations for permanently dyeing the hair A61K2800/434Luminescent, Fluorescent Optical brighteners Photosensitizers A61K2800/436Interference pigments A61K2800/437Diffractive phenomena Photonic arrays A61K2800/438Thermochromatic Photochromic Phototropic A61K2800/45Colour indicators A61K2800/47Magnetic materials Paramagnetic compounds A61K2800/48Thickener, Thickening system A61K2800/49Solubiliser, Solubilising system A61K2800/51Chelating agents A61K2800/52Stabilizers A61K2800/522Antioxidants Radical scavengers A61K2800/524Preservatives A61K2800/526Corrosion inhibitors A61K2800/54Polymers characterized by specific structures/properties A61K2800/542characterized by the charge A61K2800/5422nonionic A61K2800/5424anionic A61K2800/5426cationic A61K2800/5428amphoteric or zwitterionic A61K2800/544Dendrimers, Hyperbranched polymers A61K2800/546Swellable particulate polymers A61K2800/548Associative polymers A61K2800/56Compounds, absorbed onto or entrapped into a solid carrier A61K2800/57Compounds covalently linked to a(n inert) carrier molecule A61K2800/58Metal complex Coordination compounds A61K2800/59Mixtures A61K2800/591Mixtures of compounds not provided for by any of the codes A61K2800/592 - A61K2800/596 A61K2800/592Mixtures of compounds complementing their respective functions A61K2800/5922At least two compounds being classified in the same subclass of A61K8/18 A61K2800/594Mixtures of polymers A61K2800/596Mixtures of surface active compounds A61K2800/60Particulates further characterized by their structure or composition A61K2800/61Surface treated A61K2800/612By organic compounds A61K2800/614By macromolecular compounds A61K2800/62Coated A61K2800/621by inorganic compounds A61K2800/622by organic compounds A61K2800/623Coating mediated by organosilicone compounds A61K2800/624by macromolecular compounds A61K2800/63More than one coating A61K2800/65Characterized by the composition of the particulate/core A61K2800/651The particulate/core comprising inorganic material A61K2800/652The particulate/core comprising organic material A61K2800/654The particulate/core comprising macromolecular material A61K2800/70Biological properties of the composition as a whole A61K2800/72Hypo-allergenic A61K2800/74Biological properties of particular ingredients A61K2800/75Anti-irritant A61K2800/77Perfumes having both deodorant and antibacterial properties A61K2800/78Enzyme modulators A61K2800/782Enzyme inhibitors Enzyme antagonists A61K2800/80Process related aspects concerning the preparation of the cosmetic composition or the storage or application thereof A61K2800/805Corresponding aspects not provided for by any of codes A61K2800/81 - A61K2800/95 A61K2800/81Preparation or application process involves irradiation A61K2800/82Preparation or application process involves sonication or ultrasonication A61K2800/83Electrophoresis Electrodes Electrolytic phenomena A61K2800/84Products or compounds obtained by lyophilisation, freeze-drying A61K2800/85Products or compounds obtained by fermentation A61K2800/86Products or compounds obtained by genetic engineering A61K2800/87Application Devices Containers Packaging A61K2800/872Pencils Crayons Felt-tip pens A61K2800/874Roll-on A61K2800/88Two- or multipart kits A61K2800/882Mixing prior to application A61K2800/884Sequential application A61K2800/91Injection A61K2800/92Oral administration A61K2800/94Involves covalent bonding to the substrate A61K2800/95Involves in-situ formation or cross-linking of polymers