Prostheses classified in A61F2/28 or A61F2/30 - A61F2/44 being constructed from or coated with a particular material


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  • A61F2310/00
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Sub Industries

A61F2310/00005The prosthesis being constructed from a particular material A61F2310/00011Metals or alloys A61F2310/00017Iron- or Fe-based alloys A61F2310/00023Titanium or titanium-based alloys A61F2310/00029Cobalt-based alloys A61F2310/00035Other metals or alloys A61F2310/00041Magnesium or Mg-based alloys A61F2310/00047Aluminium or Al-based alloys A61F2310/00053Vanadium or V-based alloys A61F2310/00059Chromium or Cr-based alloys A61F2310/00065Manganese or Mn-based alloys A61F2310/00071Nickel or Ni-based alloys A61F2310/00077Copper or Cu-based alloys A61F2310/00083Zinc or Zn-based alloys A61F2310/00089Zirconium or Zr-based alloys A61F2310/00095Niobium or Nb-based alloys A61F2310/00101Molybdenum or Mo-based alloys A61F2310/00107Palladium or Pd-based alloys A61F2310/00113Silver or Ag-based alloys A61F2310/00119Tin or Sn-based alloys A61F2310/00125Hafnium or Hf-based alloys A61F2310/00131Tantalum or Ta-based alloys A61F2310/00137Tungsten or W-based alloys A61F2310/00143Iridium or Ir-based alloys A61F2310/00149Platinum or Pt-based alloys A61F2310/00155Gold or Au-based alloys A61F2310/00161Carbon Graphite A61F2310/00167Diamond or diamond-like carbon A61F2310/00173Graphite A61F2310/00179Ceramics or ceramic-like structures A61F2310/00185based on metal oxides A61F2310/00191containing beryllium oxide A61F2310/00197containing magnesia or magnesium oxide A61F2310/00203containing alumina or aluminium oxide A61F2310/00209Corundum or Sapphire A61F2310/00215containing silica or silicon oxide A61F2310/00221containing calcia or calcium oxide A61F2310/00227containing titania or titanium oxide A61F2310/00233containing chromia or chromium oxides CrO, CrO2 or CrO3 A61F2310/00239containing zirconia or zirconium oxide ZrO2 A61F2310/00245containing niobium oxide A61F2310/00251containing hafnia or hafnium oxide A61F2310/00257containing tantalum oxide A61F2310/00263based on metal borides A61F2310/00269based on metal carbides A61F2310/00275containing boron carbide A61F2310/00281containing silicon carbide A61F2310/00287containing titanium carbide A61F2310/00293containing a phosphorus-containing compound A61F2310/00299based on metal nitrides A61F2310/00305containing boron nitride A61F2310/00311containing aluminium nitride A61F2310/00317containing silicon nitride A61F2310/00323containing titanium nitride A61F2310/00329Glasses A61F2310/00335Porcelain A61F2310/00341Coral A61F2310/00347Nacre or mother-of-pearl A61F2310/00353Bone cement A61F2310/00359Bone or bony tissue A61F2310/00365Proteins Polypeptides Degradation products thereof A61F2310/00371Collagen A61F2310/00377Fibrin A61F2310/00383Gelatin A61F2310/00389The prosthesis being coated or covered with a particular material A61F2310/00395Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of metals or of alloys A61F2310/00401Coating made of iron, of stainless steel or of other Fe-based alloys A61F2310/00407Coating made of titanium or of Ti-based alloys A61F2310/00413Coating made of cobalt or of Co-based alloys A61F2310/00419Other metals A61F2310/00425Coating made of magnesium or of Mg-based alloys A61F2310/00431Coating made of aluminium or of Al-based alloys A61F2310/00437Coating made of silicon or Si-based alloys A61F2310/00443Coating made of vanadium or of V-based alloys A61F2310/00449Coating made of chromium or Cr-based alloys A61F2310/00455Coating made of manganese Mn-based alloys A61F2310/00461Coating made of nickel or Ni-based alloys A61F2310/00467Coating made of copper or Cu-based alloys A61F2310/00473Coating made of zinc or Zn-based alloys A61F2310/00479Coating made of germanium or Ge-based alloys A61F2310/00485Coating made of zirconium or Zr-based alloys A61F2310/00491Coating made of niobium or Nb-based alloys A61F2310/00497Coating made of molybdenum or Mo-based alloys A61F2310/00502Coating made of ruthenium or Ru-based alloys A61F2310/00508Coating made of rhodium or Rh-based alloys A61F2310/00514Coating made of palladium or Pd-based alloys A61F2310/0052Coating made of silver or Ag-based alloys A61F2310/00526Coating made of indium or In-based alloys A61F2310/00532Coating made of tin or Sn-based alloys A61F2310/00538Coating made of hafnium or Hf-based alloys A61F2310/00544Coating made of tantalum or Ta-based alloys A61F2310/0055Coating made of tungsten or W-based alloys A61F2310/00556Coating made of iridium or Ir-based alloys A61F2310/00562Coating made of platinum or Pt-based alloys A61F2310/00568Coating made of gold or Au-based alloys A61F2310/00574Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of carbon A61F2310/0058Coating made of diamond or of diamond-like carbon DLC A61F2310/00586Coating made of graphite A61F2310/00592Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of ceramics or of ceramic-like compounds A61F2310/00598Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal oxides or hydroxides A61F2310/00604Coating made of aluminium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/0061Coating made of silicon oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00616Coating made of titanium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00622Coating made of chromium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00628Coating made of cobalt oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00634Coating made of zirconium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/0064Coating made of niobium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00646Coating made of molybdenum oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00652Coating made of hafnium oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00658Coating made of tantalum oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/00664Coating made of tungsten oxide or hydroxides A61F2310/0067Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal borides A61F2310/00676Coating made of aluminium boride A61F2310/00682Coating made of titanium boride A61F2310/00688Coating made of vanadium boride A61F2310/00694Coating made of chromium boride A61F2310/007Coating made of cobalt boride A61F2310/00706Coating made of zirconium boride A61F2310/00712Coating made of molybdenum boride A61F2310/00718Coating made of lanthanum boride A61F2310/00724Coating made of tungsten boride A61F2310/0073Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal carbides A61F2310/00736Coating made of boron carbide A61F2310/00742Coating made of silicon carbide A61F2310/00748Coating made of titanium carbide A61F2310/00754Coating made of chromium carbide A61F2310/0076Coating made of nickel carbide A61F2310/00766Coating made of zirconium carbide A61F2310/00772Coating made of niobium carbide A61F2310/00778Coating made of hafnium carbide A61F2310/00784Coating made of tantalum carbide A61F2310/0079Coating made of tungsten carbide A61F2310/00796Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of a phosphorus-containing compound A61F2310/00802Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal hydrides A61F2310/00808Coating made of titanium hydride A61F2310/00814Coating made of vanadium hydride A61F2310/0082Coating made of chromium hydride A61F2310/00826Coating made of zirconium hydride A61F2310/00832Coating made of niobium hydride A61F2310/00838Coating made of hafnium hydride A61F2310/00844Coating made of tantalum hydride A61F2310/0085Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal chlorides A61F2310/00856Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal nitrides A61F2310/00862Coating made of boron nitride A61F2310/00868Coating made of aluminium nitride A61F2310/00874Coating made of silicon nitride A61F2310/0088Coating made of titanium nitride A61F2310/00886Coating made of chromium nitride A61F2310/00892Coating made of zirconium nitride A61F2310/00898Coating made of niobium nitride A61F2310/00904Coating made of hafnium nitride A61F2310/0091Coating made of tantalum nitride A61F2310/00916Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of compounds based on metal sulfides A61F2310/00922Coating made of molybdenum sulfide A61F2310/00928Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of glass or of glass-containing compounds A61F2310/00934Coating made of enamel A61F2310/0094Coating made of porcelain A61F2310/00946Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of nacre or mother-of-pearl A61F2310/00952Coating, pre-coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of bone cement A61F2310/00958Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of bone or of bony tissue A61F2310/00964Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of cartilage A61F2310/0097Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of pharmaceutical products A61F2310/00976Coating or prosthesis-covering structure made of proteins or of polypeptides A61F2310/00982Coating made of collagen A61F2310/00988Coating made of fibrin A61F2310/00994Coating made of gelatin