Purposes of road vehicle drive control systems not related to the control of a particular sub-unit


  • CPC
  • B60W30/00
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Sub Industries

B60W30/02Control of vehicle driving stability B60W30/025related to comfort of drivers or passengers B60W30/04related to roll-over prevention B60W30/045Improving turning performance B60W30/06Automatic manoeuvring for parking B60W30/08Active safety systems predicting or avoiding probable or impending collision or attempting to minimise its consequences B60W30/085Taking automatic action to adjust vehicle attitude in preparation for collision B60W30/09Taking automatic action to avoid collision B60W30/095Predicting travel path or likelihood of collision B60W30/0953the prediction being responsive to vehicle dynamic parameters B60W30/0956the prediction being responsive to traffic or environmental parameters B60W30/10Path keeping B60W30/12Lane keeping B60W30/14Adaptive cruise control B60W30/143Speed control B60W30/146Speed limiting B60W30/16Control of distance between vehicles B60W30/162Speed limiting therefor B60W30/165Automatically following the path of a preceding lead vehicle B60W30/17with provision for special action when the preceding vehicle comes to a halt B60W30/18Propelling the vehicle B60W30/18009related to particular drive situations B60W30/18018Start-stop drive B60W30/18027Drive off, accelerating from standstill B60W30/18036Reversing B60W30/18045Rocking B60W30/18054at stand still B60W30/18063Creeping B60W30/18072Coasting B60W30/181Preparing for stopping B60W30/18109Braking B60W30/18118Hill holding B60W30/18127Regenerative braking B60W30/18136Engine braking B60W30/18145Cornering B60W30/18154Approaching an intersection B60W30/18163Lane change; Overtaking manoeuvres B60W30/18172Preventing, or responsive to skidding of wheels B60W30/18181Propulsion control with common controlling member for diffent functions B60W30/1819Propulsion control with control means using analogue circuits, relays or mechanical links B60W30/182Selecting between different operative modes B60W30/184Preventing damage resulting from overload or excessive wear of the driveline B60W30/1843Overheating of driveline components B60W30/1846Preventing of breakage of drive line components B60W30/186excessive wear or burn out of friction elements B60W30/188Controlling power parameters of the driveline B60W30/1882characterised by the working point of the engine B60W30/1884Avoiding stall or overspeed of the engine B60W30/1886Controlling power supply to auxiliary devices B60W30/1888Control of power take off [PTO] B60W30/19Improvement of gear change B60W30/192Mitigating problems related to power-up or power-down of the driveline B60W30/194related to low temperature conditions B60W30/20Reducing vibrations in the driveline