Reinforcements or ply arrangement of pneumatic tyres B


  • CPC
  • B60C9/00
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Sub Industries

B60C9/0007Reinforcements made of metallic elements B60C9/0028Reinforcements comprising mineral fibres B60C9/0042Reinforcements made of synthetic materials B60C9/005Reinforcements made of different materials B60C9/0057Reinforcements comprising preshaped elements B60C9/0064Reinforcements comprising monofilaments B60C9/02Carcasses B60C9/0207Carcasses comprising an interrupted ply, i.e. where the carcass ply does not continuously extend from bead to bead but is interrupted B60C9/023built up from narrow strips, individual cords or filaments B60C9/0238characterised by special physical properties of the carcass ply B60C9/0292Carcass ply curvature B60C9/04the reinforcing cords of each carcass ply arranged in a substantially parallel relationship B60C9/06the cords extend diagonally from bead to bead and run in opposite directions in each successive carcass ply B60C9/07the cords curve from bead to bead in plural planes B60C9/08the cords extend transversely from bead to bead B60C9/09combined with other carcass plies having cords extending diagonally from bead to bead B60C9/10the reinforcing cords within each carcass ply arranged in a crossing relationship B60C9/11Woven, braided, or knitted plies B60C9/12built-up with rubberised layers of discrete fibres or filaments B60C9/13with two or more differing cord materials B60C9/14built-up with sheets, webs, or films of homogeneous material B60C9/16built-up with metallic reinforcing inlays B60C9/17asymmetric to the midcircumferential plane of the tyre B60C9/18Structure or arrangement of belts or breakers, crown-reinforcing or cushioning layers B60C9/1807comprising fabric reinforcements B60C9/1821comprising discrete fibres or filaments B60C9/1835Rubber strips or cushions at the belt edges B60C9/185between adjacent or radially below the belt plies B60C9/20built-up from rubberised plies each having all cords arranged substantially parallel B60C9/2003characterised by the materials of the belt cords B60C9/2006consisting of steel cord plies only B60C9/2009comprising plies of different materials B60C9/22the plies being arranged with all cords disposed along the circumference of the tyre B60C9/2204obtained by circumferentially narrow strip winding B60C9/24built-up of arcuate parts B60C9/26Folded plies B60C9/263further characterised by an endless zigzag configuration in at least one belt ply B60C9/28characterised by the belt or breaker dimensions or curvature relative to carcass B60C9/30asymmetric to the midcircumferential plane of the tyre