Scanning details of television systems


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  • H04N3/00
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Sub Industries

H04N3/02by optical-mechanical means only H04N3/04having a moving aperture also apertures covered by lenses H04N3/06having a moving lens or other refractor H04N3/08having a moving reflector H04N3/09for electromagnetic radiation in the invisible region H04N3/10by means not exclusively optical-mechanical H04N3/12by switched stationary formation of lamps, photocells or light relays H04N3/122using cathode rays H04N3/125using gas discharges H04N3/127using liquid crystals H04N3/14by means of electrically scanned solid-state devices H04N3/15for picture signal generation H04N3/1506with addressing of the image-sensor elements H04N3/1512for MOS image-sensors H04N3/1518using charge injection within the image-sensor H04N3/1525with charge transfer within the image-sensor H04N3/1531using frame-interline transfer H04N3/1537using interline transfer H04N3/1543using frame transfer H04N3/155Control of the image-sensor operation H04N3/1556for variable integration time H04N3/1562for selective scanning H04N3/1568for disturbance correction or prevention within the image-sensor H04N3/1575Picture signal readout register H04N3/1581using linear image-sensor H04N3/1587the image being sequentially picked-up by one device at different imaging positions H04N3/1593the image being simultaneously picked-up by more than one device H04N3/16by deflecting electron beam in cathode-ray tube also scanning corrections H04N3/18Generation of supply voltages, in combination with electron beam deflecting H04N3/185Maintaining dc voltage constant H04N3/1853using regulation in parallel H04N3/1856using regulation in series H04N3/19Arrangements or assemblies in supply circuits for the purpose of withstanding high voltages H04N3/20Prevention of damage to cathode-ray tubes in the event of failure of scanning H04N3/22Circuits for controlling dimension, shape or centering of picture on screen H04N3/223Controlling dimensions H04N3/227Centering H04N3/23Distortion correction H04N3/233using active elements H04N3/2335with calculating means H04N3/237using passive elements H04N3/24Blanking circuits H04N3/26Modifications of scanning arrangements to improve focusing H04N3/27Circuits special to multi-standard receivers H04N3/28producing multiple scanning H04N3/30otherwise than with constant velocity or otherwise than in pattern formed by unidirectional, straight, substantially horizontal or vertical lines H04N3/32Velocity varied in dependence upon picture information H04N3/34Elemental scanning area oscillated rapidly in direction transverse to main scanning direction H04N3/36Scanning of motion picture films H04N3/38with continuously moving film H04N3/40with intermittently moving film H04N3/405with film moving only during the field blanking interval