Sealing arrangements


  • CPC
  • B60J10/00
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Sub Industries

B60J10/15characterised by the material B60J10/16consisting of two or more plastic materials having different physical or chemical properties B60J10/17provided with a low-friction material on the surface B60J10/18provided with reinforcements or inserts B60J10/20characterised by the shape B60J10/21having corner parts or bends B60J10/22having varying cross-section in the longitudinal direction B60J10/23assembled from two or more parts B60J10/233Modular sealing arrangements B60J10/2335with joint end members B60J10/235the parts being joined along their longitudinal direction B60J10/24having tubular parts B60J10/242with vent holes B60J10/244inflatable or deflatable B60J10/246having projections B60J10/248having two or more tubular cavities B60J10/25characterised by water drainage means B60J10/26characterised by the surface shape B60J10/265the surface being primarily decorative B60J10/27having projections, grooves or channels in the longitudinal direction B60J10/273for enclosing or housing devices for purposes other than sealing B60J10/277for facilitating specific deformation of sealing parts B60J10/30characterised by the fastening means B60J10/32using integral U-shaped retainers B60J10/33characterised by the configuration of the retaining lips B60J10/34using adhesives B60J10/345with formless adhesives B60J10/35using adhesive tapes B60J10/36using separately inserted fastening means B60J10/365comprising beads B60J10/38using magnetic means B60J10/40characterised by contact between two or more cooperating sealing arrangements B60J10/45Assembling sealing arrangements with vehicle parts B60J10/50characterised by means for prevention or reduction of noise B60J10/60characterised by defrosting arrangements B60J10/70specially adapted for windows or windscreens B60J10/72with integral wind-deflecting means B60J10/74for sliding window panes B60J10/75for sealing the lower part of the panes B60J10/76for window sashes for glass run channels B60J10/763for preventing outward displacement of windows when at high speed B60J10/767for reducing air resistance due to the panes not being flush with the sash guide or glass run channel B60J10/77for sashless windows B60J10/773for preventing outward displacement of windows when at high speed B60J10/777the sealing arrangement being between the edges of adjacent panes B60J10/7775mounted on the pillar B60J10/78adjacent to corner pieces, mirror supports or quarter windows B60J10/79for flush-glass windows B60J10/80specially adapted for opening panels B60J10/82for movable panels in roofs B60J10/84arranged on the vehicle body B60J10/85with additional seals on the body side B60J10/86arranged on the opening panel B60J10/87with additional seals on the panel side B60J10/88mounted on, or integral with, the glass-run seals B60J10/90specially adapted for non-fixed roofs