Seats specially adapted for vehicles


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  • B60N2/00
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Sub Industries

B60N2/002Passenger detection systems B60N2/005Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles B60N2/01Arrangement of seats relative to one another B60N2/012The seat support being a part of the vehicle body or chassis B60N2/015Attaching seats directly to vehicle chassis B60N2/01508using quick release attachments B60N2/01516with locking mechanisms B60N2/01525with locking elements expanding inside or under the vehicle floor or rail B60N2/01533using balls interlocking with notches B60N2/01541using moving hooks B60N2/0155with the locking mechanism on the vehicle floor or rail B60N2/01558with key and slot B60N2/01566key rotating about a vertical axis B60N2/01575key sliding inside the vehicle floor or rail B60N2/01583locking on transversal elements on the vehicle floor or rail B60N2/01591with wheels coupled to the seat B60N2/02the seat or part thereof being movable B60N2/0224Non-manual adjustment B60N2/0228Hand-activated switches B60N2/0232electric motors B60N2/0244with logic circuits B60N2/0248with memory of positions B60N2/0252with relations between different adjustments B60N2/0276reaction to emergency situations B60N2/028Elastically mounted back-rests B60N2/0284Adjustable seat-cushion length B60N2/0292Multiple configuration seats B60N2/0296Central command actuator to selectively switch on or engage one of several special purpose circuits or mechanisms B60N2/04the whole seat being movable B60N2/045Longitudinal adjustment by means of articulated rods supporting the seat B60N2/06slidable B60N2/062transversally slidable B60N2/065Rear seats B60N2/067by linear actuators B60N2/07Slide construction B60N2/0702characterised by its cross-section B60N2/0705omega-shaped B60N2/0707J-shaped B60N2/071T-shaped B60N2/0712H or double T-shaped B60N2/0715C or U-shaped B60N2/0717Rounded B60N2/072Complex cross-section B60N2/0722Constructive details B60N2/0725Closing members for covering the slide B60N2/0727Stop members for limiting sliding movement B60N2/073Reinforcement members preventing slide dislocation B60N2/0732Attachment of seat frame to the slide B60N2/0735Position and orientation of the slide as a whole B60N2/0737the slide path being substantially in a direction different from the longitudinal B60N2/074rotated about the transversal axis B60N2/0742rotated about the vertical axis B60N2/0745the slide path being curved B60N2/0747the opening of the cross section being oriented in a direction different from the vertical B60N2/075roller-less B60N2/08characterised by the locking device B60N2/0806with pin alignment systems B60N2/0812Location of the latch B60N2/0818inside the rail B60N2/0825outside the rail B60N2/0831Movement of the latch B60N2/0837pivoting B60N2/0843about a longitudinal axis B60N2/085about a transversal axis B60N2/0856about a vertical axis B60N2/0862sliding B60N2/0868in a transversal direction B60N2/0875in a vertical direction B60N2/0881Activation of the latches by the control mechanism B60N2/0887with synchronised movements B60N2/0893allowing independent movement of the latches B60N2/10tiltable B60N2/12slidable and tiltable B60N2/123and provided with memory locks B60N2/14rotatable B60N2/143taking a position opposite to the original one B60N2/146characterised by the locking device B60N2/16height-adjustable B60N2/1605characterised by the cinematic B60N2/161Rods B60N2/1615Parallelogram-like structure B60N2/162Scissors-like structure B60N2/1625Combination of rods and slides B60N2/163Slides only B60N2/1635characterised by the drive mechanism B60N2/164Linear actuator B60N2/1645Eccentric mechanism B60N2/165Gear wheel driven mechanism B60N2/1655Cycloidal or planetary mechanism B60N2/166Worm and worm gear articulations B60N2/1665Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation B60N2/167Ratchet mechanism B60N2/1675with weight compensating means B60N2/168and provided with braking systems B60N2/1685characterised by a lock B60N2/169Stepwise movement mechanisms B60N2/1695with simultaneous height and inclination adjustment B60N2/18the front or the rear portion of the seat being adjustable B60N2/1803with independent front and/or rear adjustment B60N2/1807characterised by the cinematic B60N2/181Rods B60N2/1814Parallelogram-like structure B60N2/1817Scissors-like structure B60N2/1821Combination of Rods and slides B60N2/1825including a curved slide B60N2/1828Slides only B60N2/1832including a curved slide B60N2/1835pivoting about an axis located in the front B60N2/1839pivoting about an axis located in an intermediate position B60N2/1842pivoting about an axis located in the rear B60N2/1846pivoting about a distant axis B60N2/185characterised by the drive mechanism B60N2/1853Linear actuator B60N2/1857Eccentric mechanism B60N2/186with a transversal pin displaced by a moving slot or a cam along a predetermined path B60N2/1864Gear wheel driven mechanism B60N2/1867Cycloidal or planetary mechanism B60N2/1871Worm and worm gear articulations B60N2/1875Racks B60N2/1878Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation B60N2/1882Ratchet mechanism B60N2/1885with weight compensating means B60N2/1889and provided with braking systems B60N2/1892characterised by a lock B60N2/1896Stepwise movement mechanisms B60N2/20the back-rest being tiltable B60N2/203taking a position opposite to the original one B60N2/206to a position in which it can be used as a support for objects B60N2/22the back-rest being adjustable B60N2/2209by longitudinal displacement of the cushion B60N2/2213Gear wheel driven mechanism B60N2/2218Transversally moving locks B60N2/2222the back-rest having two or more parts B60N2/2227and provided with braking systems B60N2/2231Worm and worm gear articulations B60N2/2236with a transversal pin displaced by a slot or a cam along a predetermined path B60N2/224Stepwise movement mechanisms B60N2/2245provided with a lock mechanism on the upper part of the back-rest B60N2/225by cycloidal or planetary mechanisms B60N2/2251with gears having orbital motion B60N2/2252in which the central axis of the gearing lies inside the periphery of an orbital gear B60N2/2254provided with braking systems B60N2/2255with coiled springs B60N2/2257with rollers or balls B60N2/2258with ratchets B60N2/23by linear actuators B60N2/231by hydraulic actuators B60N2/232provided with memory locks B60N2/233by linear screw mechanisms B60N2/235by gear-pawl type mechanisms B60N2/2352with external pawls B60N2/2354and provided with memory locks B60N2/2356with internal pawls B60N2/2358and provided with memory locks B60N2/236linearly movable B60N2/2362rotatably movable B60N2/24for particular purposes or particular vehicles B60N2/242Bus seats B60N2/245for handicapped persons B60N2/26for children B60N2/265Adaptations for seat belts B60N2/28Seats readily mountable on, and dismountable from, existing seats or other parts of the vehicle B60N2/2803Adaptations for seat belts B60N2/2806securing the child seat to the vehicle B60N2/2809with additional tether connected to the top of the child seat and passing above the top of the back-rest B60N2/2812securing the child to the child seat B60N2/2821having a seat and a base part B60N2/2824part of the base being supported by the vehicle frame B60N2/2827part of the base being supported by the seat sub-frame B60N2/283suspended B60N2/2833back-rest suspended B60N2/2836window-frame suspended B60N2/2839having a front guard or barrier B60N2/2842adapted to carry the child, when dismounted from the vehicle B60N2/2845having handles B60N2/2848being convertible or adaptable ro a preambulator B60N2/2851provided with head-rests B60N2/2854Children's cots; Hammocks B60N2/2857characterised by the peculiar orientation of the child B60N2/286forward facing B60N2/2863backward facing B60N2/2866booster cushions B60N2/2869rotatable about a vertical axis B60N2/2872provided with side rests B60N2/2875inclinable, as a whole or partially B60N2/2878the back-rest being inclinable B60N2/2881Upholstery, padded or cushioned members therefor B60N2/2884with protection systems against abnormal g-forces B60N2/2887Fixation to a transversal anchorage bar B60N2/289coupled to the vehicle frame B60N2/2893coupled to the seat sub-frame B60N2/30Non-dismountable or dismountable seats storable in a non-use position B60N2/3002back-rest movements B60N2/3004by rotation only B60N2/3006about longitudinal axis B60N2/3009about transversal axis B60N2/3011the back-rest being hinged on the cushion B60N2/3013the back-rest being hinged on the vehicle frame B60N2/3015the axis being located at the top of the back-rest B60N2/3018about vertical axis B60N2/302by translation only B60N2/3022along longitudinal axis B60N2/3025along transversal axis B60N2/3027along vertical axis B60N2/3029by composed movement B60N2/3031in a longitudinal-vertical plane B60N2/3034in a longitudinal-transversal plane B60N2/3036in a transversal-vertical plane B60N2/3038Cushion movements B60N2/304by rotation only B60N2/3043about longitudinal axis B60N2/3045about transversal axis B60N2/3047the cushion being hinged at the back-rest B60N2/305the cushion being hinged on the vehicle frame B60N2/3052about vertical axis B60N2/3054by translation only B60N2/3056along longitunal axis B60N2/3059along transversal axis B60N2/3061along vertical axis B60N2/3063by composed movement B60N2/3065in a longitudinal-vertical plane B60N2/3068in a longitudinal-transversal plane B60N2/307in a transversal-vertical plane B60N2/3072on a lower level of a multi-level vehicle floor B60N2/3075stowed in recess B60N2/3077stowed in the luggage compartment B60N2/3079in a recess B60N2/3081Seats convertible into parts of the seat cushion or the back-rest or disapppearing therein B60N2/3084Disappearing in a recess of the back-rest B60N2/3086Disappearing in a recess of the cushion B60N2/3088characterised by the mechanical link B60N2/309rods B60N2/3093slides B60N2/3095Auxiliary rear seats accessible from outside the vehicle when in an in-use position B60N2/3097Dismountable seats storable in a non-use position B60N2/32convertible for other use B60N2/34into a bed B60N2/345by adding parts B60N2/36into a loading platform B60N2/366characterised by the locking device B60N2/38specially constructed for use on tractors or like off-road vehicles B60N2/39Seats tiltable to compensate for roll inclination of vehicles B60N2/40saddle type B60N2/42the seat constructed to protect the occupant from the effect of abnormal g-forces B60N2/4207characterised by the direction of the g-forces B60N2/4214longitudinal B60N2/4221due to impact coming from the front B60N2/4228due to impact coming from the rear B60N2/4235transversal B60N2/4242vertical B60N2/4249fixed structures B60N2/4256the shape of the seat being specially adapted for a particular purpose or for particular vehicles B60N2/4263with anti-submarining systems B60N2/427Seats or parts thereof displaced during a crash B60N2/42709involving residual deformation or fracture of the structure B60N2/42718with anti-submarining systems B60N2/42727involving substantially rigid displacement B60N2/42736of the whole seat B60N2/42745of the back-rest B60N2/42754of the cushion B60N2/42763with anti-submarining systems B60N2/42772characterised by the triggering system B60N2/42781mechanical triggering B60N2/4279electric or electronic triggering B60N2/43Safety locks B60N2/433Safety locks for back-rests B60N2/44Details or parts not otherwise provided for B60N2/441Panels between front seats B60N2/4415Hydro-pneumatic adjustments of the shape B60N2/442Positioning and locking mechanisms B60N2/443linear B60N2/4435rotatable B60N2/444and provided with braking systems B60N2/4445Stepwise movement mechanisms B60N2/448massaging systems B60N2/449Side-rests B60N2/4492adjustable B60N2/4495Lower-leg-rests B60N2/46Arm-rests B60N2/4606movable to an inoperative position B60N2/4613in a recess of the back-rest B60N2/462in a recess of the cushion B60N2/4626adjustable B60N2/4633Angle adjustment B60N2/464Height adjustment B60N2/4646Longitudinal adjustment B60N2/4653Transversal adjustment B60N2/466post or panel mounted B60N2/4666sill suspended B60N2/4673detachable B60N2/468Adaptations for additional use of the arm-rests B60N2/4686for use as storage compartments B60N2/4693for use as electrical control means B60N2/48Head-rests B60N2/4802fixed B60N2/4805movable or adjustable B60N2/4808slidable B60N2/4811characterised by the locking device B60N2/4814Release mechanism B60N2/4817Stepwise positioning B60N2/482Continuous positioning B60N2/4823using springs B60N2/4826using elastic materials B60N2/4829characterised by adjusting mechanism B60N2/4832movable to an inoperative position B60N2/4835for rear seats B60N2/4838tiltable B60N2/4841characterised by the locking device B60N2/4844Release mechanism B60N2/4847Stepwise positioning B60N2/485Continuous positioning B60N2/4852characterised by the adjusting mechanism B60N2/4855movable to an inoperative position B60N2/4858for rear seats B60N2/4861provided with attitude keeping devices B60N2/4864longitudinally movable B60N2/4867transversally movable B60N2/487movable to an inoperative position B60N2/4873for rear seats B60N2/4876with diverse use B60N2/4879detachable B60N2/4882provided with side rests B60N2/4885with protection systems against abnormal g-forces B60N2/50Seat suspension devices B60N2/501actively controlled suspension B60N2/502attached to the base of the seat B60N2/503attached to the backrest B60N2/504attached to the base and the backrest B60N2/505Adjustable suspension including height adjustment B60N2/506Seat guided by rods B60N2/507Parallelogram-like structure B60N2/508Scissors-like structure B60N2/509Seat guided by slides or the like B60N2/52using fluid means B60N2/522characterised by dampening means B60N2/525using gas B60N2/527using liquids B60N2/54using mechanical springs B60N2/542made of rubber or other material having high internal friction B60N2/544Compression or tension springs B60N2/546Leaf- or flexion springs B60N2/548Torsion springs B60N2/56Heating or ventilating devices B60N2/5607characterised by convection B60N2/5614by liquid B60N2/5621by air B60N2/5628coming from the vehicle ventilation system B60N2/5635coming from the passenger compartment B60N2/5642with circulation of air through a layer inside the seat B60N2/565sucked from the seat surface B60N2/5657blown towards the seat surface B60N2/5664with unforced air circulation B60N2/5671forming a windbreak B60N2/5678characterised by electrical systems B60N2/5685Resistance B60N2/5692Refrigerating means B60N2/58Seat coverings B60N2/5816attachments thereof B60N2/5825by hooks, staples, clips, snap fasteners or the like B60N2/5833by hook-and-loop type fasteners B60N2/5841by clamping means B60N2/585by buckle passages B60N2/5858by elastic means B60N2/5866by thermal welding B60N2/5875by adhesion B60N2/5883by sewing, stitching or threading B60N2/5891Manufacturing methods specially adapted therefor B60N2/60Removable protective coverings B60N2/6009covering more than only the seat B60N2/6018attachments thereof B60N2/6027by hooks, staples, clips, snap fasteners or the like B60N2/6036by hook and loop-type fasteners B60N2/6045by clamping means B60N2/6054by buckle passages B60N2/6063by elastic means B60N2/6072by thermal welding B60N2/6081by adhesion B60N2/609by sewing, stitching or threading B60N2/62Thigh-rests B60N2/64Back-rests or cushions B60N2/643shape of the back-rests B60N2/646shape of the cushion B60N2/66Lumbar supports B60N2/663portable with attachment to the back-rest B60N2/665using inflatable bladders B60N2/666vertically adjustable B60N2/667having flexible support member bowed by applied forces B60N2/6671with cable actuators B60N2/6673with motor driven adjustments B60N2/68Seat frames B60N2/682Joining means B60N2/686Panel like structures B60N2/688Particular seat belt attachment and guiding B60N2/70Upholstery B60N2/7005detachable B60N2/7011of substantially two-dimensional shape B60N2/7017Manufacturing methods specially adapted therefor B60N2/7023Coach-like constructions B60N2/7029back-rests B60N2/7035Cushions B60N2/7041Fixation of covers and springs B60N2/7047Springs B60N2/7052Springs using a combination of metal and rubber B60N2/7058Metallic springs B60N2/7064helicoidal B60N2/707with rubber blocks B60N2/7076with rubber bands B60N2/7082with air or fluid cushions B60N2/7088with valves B60N2/7094Upholstery springs B60N2/72Attachment or adjustment thereof