Selecting arrangements


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  • H04Q3/00
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Sub Industries

H04Q3/0004using crossbar selectors in the switching stages H04Q3/0008using relay selectors in the switching stages H04Q3/0012in which the relays are arranged in a matrix configuration H04Q3/0016Arrangements providing connection between exchanges H04Q3/002Details H04Q3/0025Provisions for signalling H04Q3/0029Provisions for intelligent networking H04Q3/0033customer-controlled H04Q3/0037involving call modelling techniques H04Q3/0041involving techniques for avoiding interaction of call service features H04Q3/0045involving hybrid H04Q3/005Personal communications services H04Q3/0054Service creation techniques H04Q3/0058using service-independent building blocks (SIBBs) or "primitives" H04Q3/0062Provisions for network management H04Q3/0066Bandwidth allocation or management H04Q3/007customer-controlled H04Q3/0075Fault management techniques H04Q3/0079involving restoration of networks H04Q3/0083Network planning or design; Modelling of planned or existing networks H04Q3/0087Network testing or monitoring arrangements H04Q3/0091Congestion or overload control H04Q3/0095Specification, development or application of network management software H04Q3/02Circuit arrangements for selectors responsive to a permutation code H04Q3/04Circuit arrangements for receivers of routing digits H04Q3/06for group or trunk group selectors H04Q3/08for local or long-distance selectors H04Q3/10for PBX selectors H04Q3/12for line selectors providing transfer of routing digits H04Q3/14for two-way operation selectors H04Q3/16for marking-switches H04Q3/18Circuit arrangements for first stage of hunting switching H04Q3/20for preselectors H04Q3/22comprising common calling and disconnecting circuit H04Q3/24for line finders H04Q3/26comprising common calling and disconnecting circuit H04Q3/28comprising main groups and subgroups H04Q3/30Selector finders H04Q3/32Circuit arrangements for second or subsequent stages of hunting switching H04Q3/34for the second preselection stage H04Q3/36for the second line-finder stage H04Q3/38for stages after the group selector stage H04Q3/40for stages after the line selector H04Q3/42Circuit arrangements for indirect selecting controlled by common circuits H04Q3/44using revertive control H04Q3/46using signals other than revertive impulses H04Q3/47using translators H04Q3/48using markers H04Q3/49for end-to-end marking H04Q3/495for routing connecting paths H04Q3/52using static devices in switching stages H04Q3/521using semiconductors in the switching stages H04Q3/523Details H04Q3/525using tubes in the switching stages H04Q3/526Optical switching systems H04Q3/528Details H04Q3/54in which the logic circuitry controlling the exchange is centralised H04Q3/542Logic circuits or arrangements therefor H04Q3/545using a stored programme H04Q3/54508Configuration, initialization H04Q3/54516Initialization, software or data downloading H04Q3/54525Features introduction H04Q3/54533Configuration data, translation, passwords, databases H04Q3/54541using multi-processor systems H04Q3/5455Multi-processor, parallelism, distributed systems H04Q3/54558Redundancy, stand-by H04Q3/54566Intelligent peripherals, adjunct processors H04Q3/54575Software application H04Q3/54583Software development H04Q3/54591Supervision H04Q3/55using wired logic circuitry H04Q3/552Wired circuits or arrangements therefor H04Q3/555being comprised by electro-magnetic devices H04Q3/56in which the control signals are multiplexed H04Q3/58Arrangements providing connection between main exchange and sub-exchange or satellite H04Q3/60for connecting to satellites or concentrators which connect one or more exchange lines with a group of local lines H04Q3/602Circuit arrangements therefor H04Q3/605Arrangements in the satellite or concentrator H04Q3/607Details H04Q3/62for connecting to private branch exchanges H04Q3/622Circuit arrangements therefor H04Q3/625Arrangements in the private branch exchange H04Q3/627Details H04Q3/64Distributing or queueing H04Q3/645Circuit arrangements therefor H04Q3/66Traffic distributors H04Q3/665Circuit arrangements therefor H04Q3/68Grouping or interlacing selector groups or stages H04Q3/685Circuit arrangements therefor H04Q3/70Identification of class of calling subscriber H04Q3/72Finding out and indicating number of calling subscriber H04Q3/74Identification of subscriber calling from a party-line H04Q3/76Translation from the called subscriber's number to the outgoing or incoming control information H04Q3/78Temporary storage of information of calling or called subscriber