Shaping by thermoforming, i.e. shaping sheets or sheet like preforms after heating


  • CPC
  • B29C51/00
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Sub Industries

B29C51/002characterised by the choice of material B29C51/004Textile or other fibrous material made from plastics fibres B29C51/006for making articles having hollow walls B29C51/008without using a mould B29C51/02Combined thermoforming and manufacture of the preform B29C51/04Combined thermoforming and prestretching B29C51/06using pressure difference for prestretching B29C51/08Deep drawing or matched-mould forming B29C51/082by shaping between complementary mould parts B29C51/085with at least one of the shaping surfaces being made of resilien material B29C51/087with at least one of the mould parts comprising independently movable sections B29C51/10Forming by pressure difference B29C51/105Twin sheet thermoforming B29C51/12of articles having inserts or reinforcements B29C51/14using multilayered preforms or sheets B29C51/145having at least one layer of textile or fibrous material combined with at least one plastics layer B29C51/16Lining or labelling B29C51/162of deep containers or boxes B29C51/165combined with the feeding or the shaping of the lining or the labels B29C51/167of a continuous strip B29C51/18Thermoforming apparatus B29C51/20having movable moulds or mould parts B29C51/22rotatable about an axis B29C51/225mounted on a vacuum drum B29C51/24mounted on movable endless supports B29C51/26Component parts, details or accessories Auxiliary operations B29C51/261Handling means B29C51/262Clamping means for the sheets B29C51/263characterised by using a particular environment B29C51/264Auxiliary operations prior to the thermoforming operation B29C51/265Auxiliary operations during the thermoforming operation B29C51/266Auxiliary operations after the thermoforming operation B29C51/267Two sheets being thermoformed in separate mould parts and joined together while still in the mould B29C51/268Cutting, rearranging and joining the cut parts B29C51/28for applying pressure through the wall of an inflated bag or diaphragm B29C51/30Moulds B29C51/303with sealing means or the like B29C51/306with means for forming a rim B29C51/32having cutting means B29C51/325combined with means for forming a rim B29C51/34for undercut articles B29C51/343having recessed undersurfaces B29C51/346specially adapted to facilitate the destacking of nestable containers B29C51/36specially adapted for vacuum forming , Manufacture thereof B29C51/365Porous moulds B29C51/38Opening, closing or clamping means B29C51/40Venting means B29C51/42Heating or cooling B29C51/421of preforms, specially adapted for thermoforming B29C51/422to produce a temperature differential B29C51/423through the thickness of the preform B29C51/424using a heated fluid B29C51/425using movable heating devices B29C51/426Producing specific thermal regimes during thermoforming to obtain particular properties B29C51/427Cooling of the material with a fluid blast B29C51/428of moulds or mould parts B29C51/44Removing or ejecting moulded articles B29C51/445from a support after moulding B29C51/46Measuring, controlling or regulating