Sparking plugs


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  • H01T13/00
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H01T13/02Details H01T13/04Means providing electrical connection to sparking plugs H01T13/05combined with interference suppressing or shielding means H01T13/06Covers forming a part of the plug and protecting it against adverse environment H01T13/08Mounting, fixing or sealing of sparking plugs H01T13/10by bayonet-type connection H01T13/12Means on sparking plugs for facilitating engagement by tool or by hand H01T13/14Means for self-cleaning H01T13/16Means for dissipating heat H01T13/18Means for heating H01T13/20characterised by features of the electrodes or insulation H01T13/22having two or more electrodes embedded in insulation H01T13/24having movable electrodes H01T13/26for adjusting spark gap otherwise than by bending of electrode H01T13/28having spherically shaped electrodes H01T13/30mounted so as to permit free movement H01T13/32characterised by features of the earthed electrode H01T13/34characterised by the mounting of electrodes in insulation H01T13/36characterised by the joint between insulation and body H01T13/38Selection of materials for insulation H01T13/39Selection of materials for electrodes H01T13/40structurally combined with other devices H01T13/41with interference suppressing or shielding means H01T13/42with magnetic spark generators H01T13/44with transformers H01T13/46having two or more spark gaps H01T13/462in series connection H01T13/465one spark gap being incorporated in the sparking plug H01T13/467in parallel connection H01T13/48having means for rendering sparks visible H01T13/50having means for ionisation of gap H01T13/52characterised by a discharge along a surface H01T13/54having electrodes arranged in a partly-enclosed ignition chamber H01T13/56characterised by having component parts which are easily assembled or disassembled H01T13/58Testing H01T13/60of electrical properties