Switches operated by change of a physical condition


  • CPC
  • H01H35/00
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Sub Industries

H01H35/003Switches operated by other part of human body than hands H01H35/006Switches operated by mechanical overload condition H01H35/02Switches operated by change of position, inclination or orientation of the switch itself in relation to gravitational field H01H35/022the switch being of the reed switch type H01H35/025the switch being discriminative in different directions H01H35/027the inertia mass activating the switch mechanically H01H35/06Switches operated by change of speed H01H35/10Centrifugal switches H01H35/12operated by reversal of direction of movement H01H35/14Switches operated by change of acceleration H01H35/141Details H01H35/142Damping means to avoid unwanted response H01H35/143Resetting means H01H35/144operated by vibration H01H35/145operated by a particular acceleration-time function H01H35/146operated by plastic deformation or rupture of structurally associated elements H01H35/147the switch being of the reed switch type H01H35/148making use of a rolamite sensor H01H35/18Switches operated by change of liquid level or of liquid density H01H35/183making use of a thermal switch H01H35/186making use of a cable suspended floater containing an inclination sensing switch H01H35/24Switches operated by change of fluid pressure, by fluid pressure waves, or by change of fluid flow H01H35/242operated by one particular pressure-time function H01H35/245actuated by the deformation of a body of elastic material H01H35/247the switch being of the reed switch type H01H35/26Details H01H35/2607Means for adjustment of "ON" or "OFF" operating pressure H01H35/2614by varying the bias on the pressure sensitive element H01H35/2621the bias being magnetic H01H35/2628by varying the relative position of switch-casing and pressure sensitive element H01H35/2635by adjustment of a motion transmitting system H01H35/2642comprising a lost-motion connection H01H35/265by adjustment of one of the co-operating contacts H01H35/2657with different switches operated at substantially different pressures H01H35/2664making use of a balance plate pivoting about different axes H01H35/2671Means to detect leaks in the pressure sensitive element H01H35/2678Means to isolate oscillating component of pressure H01H35/2685Means to protect pressure sensitive element against over pressure H01H35/2692comprising pneumatic snap-action H01H35/28Compensation for variation of ambient pressure or temperature H01H35/30Means for transmitting pressure to pressure-responsive operating part H01H35/32actuated by bellows H01H35/34actuated by diaphragm H01H35/343by snap acting diaphragm H01H35/346in which the movable contact is formed or directly supported by the diaphragm H01H35/36actuated by curled flexible tube H01H35/38actuated by piston and cylinder H01H35/40actuated by devices allowing continual flow of fluid H01H35/405the switch being of the reed switch type H01H35/42Switches operated by change of humidity