Systems using the reflection or reradiation of electromagnetic waves other than radio waves


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  • G01S17/00
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Sub Industries

G01S17/003Bistatic lidar systems; Multistatic lidar systems G01S17/006Theoretical aspects G01S17/02Systems using the reflection of electromagnetic waves other than radio waves G01S17/023Combination of lidar systems, with systems other than lidar, radar or sonar G01S17/026for detecting the presence of an object G01S17/06Systems determining position data of a target G01S17/08for measuring distance only G01S17/10using transmission of interrupted pulse-modulated waves G01S17/102wherein the transmitted pulses use a frequency- or phase modulated carrier wave G01S17/105wherein a voltage or current pulse is initiated and terminated in accordance respectively with the pulse transmission and echo-reception G01S17/107wherein range gates are used G01S17/32using transmission of continuous unmodulated waves, amplitude-, frequency-, or phase-modulated waves G01S17/325using transmission of frequency-modulated waves and the received signal, or a signal derived therefrom, being heterodyned with a locally-generated signal related to the contemporaneous transmitted signal to give a beat-frequency signal G01S17/36with phase comparison between the received signal and the contemporaneously transmitted signal G01S17/42Simultaneous measurement of distance and other co-ordinates G01S17/46Indirect determination of position data G01S17/48Active triangulation systems G01S17/50Systems of measurement based on relative movement of target G01S17/58Velocity or trajectory determination systems Sense-of-movement determination systems G01S17/66Tracking systems using electromagnetic waves other than radio waves G01S17/74Systems using reradiation of electromagnetic waves other than radio waves, e.g. IFF G01S17/87Combinations of systems using electromagnetic waves other than radio waves G01S17/875Combination of several systems for attitude determination G01S17/88Lidar systems specially adapted for specific applications G01S17/89for mapping or imaging G01S17/895using synthetic aperture techniques G01S17/93for anti-collision purposes G01S17/933between aircrafts or spacecrafts; between aircrafts or spacecrafts and fixed obstacles G01S17/936between land vehicles; between land vehicles and fixed obstacles G01S17/95for meteorological use