Traction couplings Hitches Draw-gear Towing devices


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  • B60D1/00
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Sub Industries

B60D1/01Traction couplings or hitches characterised by their type B60D1/015Fifth wheel couplings B60D1/02Bolt or shackle-type couplings B60D1/025comprising release or locking lever pins B60D1/04Hook or hook-and-hasp couplings B60D1/06Ball-and-socket hitches B60D1/065characterised by the hitch mechanism B60D1/07Multi-hitch devices B60D1/075Hitch-adaptors B60D1/14Draw-gear or towing devices characterised by their type B60D1/141Arrangements or frames adapted to allow the connection of trailers to tractor three point hitches B60D1/143characterised by the mounting of the draw-gear on the towed vehicle B60D1/145consisting of an elongated single bar or tube B60D1/155comprising telescopic or foldable parts B60D1/167consisting of articulated or rigidly assembled bars or tubes forming a V-, Y-, or U-shaped draw gear B60D1/1675comprising extendable, retractable or foldable members B60D1/173consisting of at least two bars which are not connected or articulated to each other B60D1/18Tow ropes, chains or the like B60D1/182comprising resilient members B60D1/185comprising a cable or chain winding device B60D1/187characterised by the connection to the towing vehicle or to the trailer B60D1/24characterised by arrangements for particular functions B60D1/241for suppressing noise generation B60D1/242for supporting braking actions B60D1/243for protection in case of crash, collision, impact, or the like B60D1/244involving weakened zones in the hitches B60D1/245for facilitating push back or parking of trailers B60D1/246for actuating the hitch by powered means B60D1/247for improving weight distribution B60D1/248for measuring, indicating or displaying the weight B60D1/249for damping in the pulling direction and being integrated with the hitch B60D1/26for remote control B60D1/28for preventing unwanted disengagement B60D1/30for sway control B60D1/305Sway alarm means B60D1/32involving damping devices B60D1/322using fluid dampers B60D1/325using friction dampers B60D1/327using cables B60D1/34involving springs B60D1/345the springs being of the bar or leaf type B60D1/36for facilitating connection B60D1/363Hitch guiding or catching elements B60D1/366comprising braking means B60D1/38involving auxiliary cables for drawing the trailer to the tractor before coupling B60D1/40involving a temporarily extensible or alignable member B60D1/42for being adjustable B60D1/44horizontally B60D1/46vertically B60D1/465comprising a lifting mechanism B60D1/48characterised by the mounting B60D1/481adapted for being mounted to the front and back of trailers, carts, trolleys, or the like to form a train B60D1/483adapted for being mounted to the side of a vehicle B60D1/485mounted by means of transversal members attached to the frame of a vehicle B60D1/486adapted for being mounted to the wheel axle of the vehicle B60D1/488mounted directly to the chassis of the towing vehicle B60D1/50resiliently mounted B60D1/52removably mounted B60D1/54collapsible or retractable when not in use B60D1/56securing to the vehicle bumper B60D1/565having an eyelet B60D1/58Auxiliary devices B60D1/583Holding down means B60D1/586Lubrication means B60D1/60Covers, caps or guards B60D1/605Protection caps B60D1/62involving supply lines, electric circuits, or the like B60D1/64Couplings or joints therefor B60D1/66Props B60D1/665comprising supporting wheels