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  • B65G

Sub Industries

B65G1/00Storing articles, individually or in orderly arrangement, in warehouses or magazines B65G11/00Chutes B65G13/00Roller-ways B65G15/00Conveyors having endless load-conveying surfaces B65G17/00Conveyors having an endless traction element B65G19/00Conveyors comprising an impeller or a series of impellers carried by an endless traction element and arranged to move articles or materials over a supporting surface or underlying material B65G21/00Supporting or protective framework or housings for endless load-carriers or traction elements of belt or chain conveyors B65G2201/00Indexing codes relating to handling devices B65G2203/00Indexing code relating to control or detection of the articles or the load carriers during conveying B65G2205/00Stopping elements used in conveyors to stop articles or arrays of articles B65G2207/00Indexing codes relating to constructional details, configuration and additional features of a handling device B65G2209/00Indexing codes relating to order picking devices in General B65G2249/00Aspects relating to conveying systems for the manufacture of fragile sheets B65G23/00Driving gear for endless conveyors control devices Belt or chain tensioning arrangements B65G25/00Conveyors comprising a cyclically-moving B65G27/00Jigging conveyors B65G2811/00Indexing codes relating to common features for more than one conveyor kind or type B65G2812/00Indexing codes relating to the kind or type of conveyors B65G2813/00Indexing codes relating to transport for special purposes B65G2814/00Indexing codes relating to loading or unloading articles or bulk materials B65G29/00Rotary conveyors B65G3/00Storing bulk material or loose B65G31/00Mechanical projectors for articles or solid materials B65G33/00Screw or rotary spiral conveyors B65G35/00Kinds of mechanical conveyors not otherwise provided for B65G37/00Combinations of mechanical conveyors of the same kind, or of different kinds, of interest apart from their application in particular machines or use in particular manufacturing processes B65G39/00Rollers B65G41/00Supporting frames or bases for conveyors as a whole B65G43/00Control B65G45/00Lubricating, cleaning, or clearing devices B65G47/00Article or material handling devices associated with conveyors Methods employing such devices B65G49/00Conveying systems characterised by their application for specified purposes not otherwise provided for B65G5/00Storing fluids in natural or artificial cavities or chambers in the earth B65G51/00Conveying articles through pipes or tubes by fluid flow or pressure Conveying articles over a flat surface B65G53/00Conveying materials in bulk through troughs, pipes, or tubes by floating the materials, or by flows of gas, liquid, or foam B65G54/00Non-mechanical conveyors not otherwise provided for B65G57/00Stacking of articles B65G59/00De-stacking of articles B65G60/00Simultaneously or alternatively stacking and de-stacking of articles B65G61/00Use of pick-up or transfer devices or of manipulators for stacking or de-stacking articles not otherwise provided for B65G63/00Transferring or trans-shipping at storage areas, railway yards, harbours, or in opening mining cuts Marshalling yard installations B65G65/00Loading or unloading B65G67/00Loading or unloading vehicles B65G69/00Auxiliary measures taken, or devices used, in connection with loading or unloading B65G7/00Devices for moving or tilting heavy loads B65G9/00Apparatus having suspended load carriers movable by hand or gravity