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  • B01D2259/00
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B01D2259/10Gas phase B01D2259/12Methods and means for introducing reactants B01D2259/122Gaseous reactants B01D2259/124Liquid reactants B01D2259/126Semi-solid reactants B01D2259/128Solid reactants B01D2259/40Further details for adsorption processes and devices B01D2259/40001Methods relating to additional B01D2259/40003Methods relating to valve switching B01D2259/40005using rotary valves B01D2259/40007Controlling pressure or temperature swing adsorption B01D2259/40009using sensors or gas analysers B01D2259/40011Methods relating to the process cycle in pressure or temperature swing adsorption B01D2259/40013Pressurization B01D2259/40015with two sub-steps B01D2259/40016with three sub-steps B01D2259/40018with more than three sub-steps B01D2259/4002Production B01D2259/40022with two sub-steps B01D2259/40024with three sub-steps B01D2259/40026with more than three sub-steps B01D2259/40028Depressurization B01D2259/4003with two sub-steps B01D2259/40032with three sub-steps B01D2259/40033with more than three sub-steps B01D2259/40035Equalization B01D2259/40037with two sub-steps B01D2259/40039with three sub-steps B01D2259/40041with more than three sub-steps B01D2259/40043Purging B01D2259/40045with two sub-steps B01D2259/40047with three sub-steps B01D2259/40049with more than three sub-steps B01D2259/4005Nature of purge gas B01D2259/40052Recycled product or process gas B01D2259/40054treated before its reuse B01D2259/40056Gases other than recycled product or process gas B01D2259/40058Number of sequence steps, including sub-steps, per cycle B01D2259/4006Less than four B01D2259/40062Four B01D2259/40064Five B01D2259/40066Six B01D2259/40067Seven B01D2259/40069Eight B01D2259/40071Nine B01D2259/40073Ten B01D2259/40075More than ten B01D2259/40077Direction of flow B01D2259/40079Co-current B01D2259/40081Counter-current B01D2259/40083Regeneration of adsorbents in processes other than pressure or temperature swing adsorption B01D2259/40084by exchanging used adsorbents with fresh adsorbents B01D2259/40086by using a purge gas B01D2259/40088by heating B01D2259/4009using hot gas B01D2259/40092using hot liquid B01D2259/40094by applying microwaves B01D2259/40096by using electrical resistance heating B01D2259/40098with other heating means B01D2259/401using a single bed B01D2259/402using two beds B01D2259/403using three beds B01D2259/404using four beds B01D2259/406using more than four beds B01D2259/4061using five beds B01D2259/4062using six beds B01D2259/4063using seven beds B01D2259/4065using eight beds B01D2259/4066using nine beds B01D2259/4067using ten beds B01D2259/4068using more than ten beds B01D2259/41using plural beds of the same adsorbent in series B01D2259/414using different types of adsorbents B01D2259/4141within a single bed B01D2259/4143arranged as a mixture B01D2259/4145arranged in series B01D2259/4146Contiguous multilayered adsorbents B01D2259/4148Multiple layers positioned apart from each other B01D2259/416involving cryogenic temperature treatment B01D2259/418deleted B01D2259/45Gas separation or purification devices adapted for specific applications B01D2259/4508for cleaning air in buildings B01D2259/4516for fuel vapour recovery systems B01D2259/4525for storage and dispensing systems B01D2259/4533for medical purposes B01D2259/4541for portable use B01D2259/455for transportable use B01D2259/4558for being employed as mobile cleaners for ambient air B01D2259/4566for use in transportation means B01D2259/4575in aeroplanes or space ships B01D2259/4583for removing chemical, biological and nuclear warfare agents B01D2259/4591Construction elements containing cleaning material, e.g.catalysts B01D2259/65Employing advanced heat integration B01D2259/652using side coolers B01D2259/655using heat storage materials B01D2259/657using latent heat B01D2259/80Employing electric, magnetic, electromagnetic or wave energy, or particle radiation B01D2259/802Visible light B01D2259/804UV light B01D2259/806Microwaves B01D2259/808Laser B01D2259/81X-rays B01D2259/812Electrons B01D2259/814Magnetic fields B01D2259/816Sonic or ultrasonic vibration B01D2259/818Employing electrical discharges or the generation of a plasma