Tyre beads


  • CPC
  • B60C15/00
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Current Industry

Sub Industries

B60C15/0009features of the carcass terminal portion B60C15/0018not folded around the bead core B60C15/0027with low ply turn-up B60C15/0036with high ply turn-up B60C15/0045with ply turn-up up to the belt edges B60C15/0054with ply turn-up portion parallel and adjacent to carcass main portion B60C15/0063with ply turn-up portion diverging from carcass main portion B60C15/0072with ply reverse folding B60C15/0081the carcass plies folded around or between more than one bead core B60C15/02Seating or securing beads on rims B60C15/0203using axially extending bead seating B60C15/0206using inside rim bead seating B60C15/0209Supplementary means for securing the bead B60C15/0213the bead being clamped by rings, cables, rim flanges or other parts of the rim B60C15/0216the bead being pierced by bolts, rivets, clips or other elements B60C15/022the bead being secured by turned-in rim flanges B60C15/0223the bead being secured by clip-hook elements not forming part of the rim flange B60C15/0226the bead being secured by protrusions of the rim extending from the bead seat B60C15/023the bead being secured by bead extensions which extend over and wrap around the rim flange B60C15/0233Securing tyres without beads; Securing closed torus or tubular tyres B60C15/0236Asymmetric bead seats B60C15/024Bead contour B60C15/0242with bead extensions located radially outside the rim flange position B60C15/0247with reverse bead seat inclination B60C15/028Spacers between beads B60C15/032inflatable B60C15/036Tyres permanently fixed to the rim B60C15/04Bead cores B60C15/05Multiple B60C15/06Flipper strips, fillers, or chafing strips and reinforcing layers for the construction of the bead B60C15/0603characterised by features of the bead filler or apex B60C15/0607comprising several parts B60C15/0628comprising a bead reinforcing layer B60C15/0632using flippers in contact with and wrapped around the bead core and, at least partially, in contact with the bead filler B60C15/0635using chippers between the carcass layer and chafer rubber wrapped around the bead B60C15/0653with particular configuration of the cords in the respective bead reinforcing layer