Tyre tread bands Tread patterns Anti-skid inserts


  • CPC
  • B60C11/00
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Sub Industries

B60C11/0008characterised by the tread rubber B60C11/0041comprising different tread rubber layers B60C11/005with cap and base layers B60C11/0058with different cap rubber layers in the axial direction B60C11/0066having an asymmetric arrangement B60C11/0075with different base rubber layers in the axial direction B60C11/0083characterised by the curvature of the tyre tread B60C11/01Shape of the shoulders between tread and sidewall B60C11/02Replaceable treads B60C11/03Tread patterns B60C11/0302directional pattern B60C11/0304Asymmetric patterns B60C11/0306Patterns comprising block rows or discontinuous ribs B60C11/0309further characterised by the groove cross-section B60C11/0311Patterns comprising tread lugs arranged parallel or oblique to the axis of rotation B60C11/0316further characterised by the groove cross-section B60C11/0318irregular patterns with particular pitch sequence B60C11/032Patterns comprising isolated recesses B60C11/0323tread comprising channels under the tread surface B60C11/0327characterised by special properties of the tread pattern B60C11/033by the void or net-to-gross ratios of the patterns B60C11/0332by the footprint-ground contacting area of the tyre tread B60C11/04in which the raised area of the pattern consists only of continuous circumferential ribs B60C11/042further characterised by the groove cross-section B60C11/045the groove walls having a three-dimensional shape B60C11/047the groove bottom comprising stone trapping protection elements B60C11/11in which the raised area of the pattern consists only of isolated elements B60C11/12characterised by the use of narrow slits or incisions B60C11/1204with special shape of the sipe B60C11/1218Three-dimensional shape with regard to depth and extending direction B60C11/1222Twisted or warped shape in the sipe plane B60C11/1236with special arrangements in the tread pattern B60C11/124inclined with regard to a plane normal to the tread surface B60C11/125arranged at the groove bottom B60C11/1259Depth of the sipe B60C11/1263different within the same sipe B60C11/1272Width of the sipe B60C11/1281different within the same sipe B60C11/13characterised by the groove cross-section B60C11/1307with special features of the groove walls B60C11/1315having variable inclination angles B60C11/1323asymmetric B60C11/1346covered by a rubber different from the tread rubber B60C11/1353with special features of the groove bottom B60C11/1369Tie bars for linking block elements and bridging the groove B60C11/1376Three dimensional block surfaces departing from the enveloping tread contour B60C11/1384with chamfered block corners B60C11/1392with chamfered block edges B60C11/14Anti-skid inserts B60C11/16of plug form B60C11/1606retractable plug B60C11/1612actuated by fluid B60C11/1618actuated by temperature B60C11/1625Arrangements thereof in the tread patterns B60C11/1631inclined with regard to the radial direction B60C11/1637Attachment of the plugs into the tread B60C11/1643with special shape of the plug-body portion B60C11/165conical B60C11/1656concave or convex B60C11/1662helical-shaped B60C11/1668with an additional collar B60C11/1675with special shape of the plug- tip B60C11/1681Spherical top portions B60C11/1687Multiple tips B60C11/1693Attachment of the plug-tip within the plug-body B60C11/18of strip form B60C11/185of metal comb form, lamellar shaped or blade-like B60C11/20in coiled form B60C11/22Tread rings between dual tyres B60C11/24Wear-indicating arrangements B60C11/243Tread wear sensors B60C11/246Tread wear monitoring systems