Uppers Boot legs Stiffeners Other single parts of footwear


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  • A43B23/00
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Sub Industries

A43B23/02Uppers Boot legs A43B23/0205characterised by the material A43B23/021Leather A43B23/0215Plastics or artificial leather A43B23/022with waterproof breathable membranes A43B23/0225Composite materials A43B23/023Metal A43B23/0235Different layers of different material A43B23/024Different layers of the same material A43B23/0245characterised by the constructive form A43B23/025assembled by stitching A43B23/0255assembled by gluing or thermo bonding A43B23/026Laminated layers A43B23/0265having different properties in different directions A43B23/027with a part of the upper particularly flexible A43B23/0275with a part of the upper particularly rigid A43B23/028Resilient uppers A43B23/0285filled with a non-compressible fluid A43B23/029Pneumatic upper A43B23/0295Pieced uppers A43B23/04Uppers made of one piece Uppers with inserted gussets A43B23/042Uppers made of one piece A43B23/045Uppers with inserted gussets A43B23/047the gusset being elastic A43B23/06Waterproof legs A43B23/07Linings therefor A43B23/08Heel stiffeners Toe stiffeners A43B23/081Toe stiffeners A43B23/082made of metal A43B23/083light-alloys A43B23/085made of leather A43B23/086made of impregnated fabrics, plastics or the like A43B23/087made of plastics A43B23/088Heel stiffeners A43B23/10made of metal A43B23/105light-alloys A43B23/14made of leather A43B23/16made of impregnated fabrics, plastics or the like A43B23/17made of plastics A43B23/20Nails, pegs, pins, clamps, or tacks, for footwear A43B23/22Supports for the shank or arch of the uppers A43B23/222characterised by the attachment to the sole A43B23/225by integrated teeth A43B23/227fixed on the outside of the shoe A43B23/24Ornamental buckles Other ornaments for shoes without fastening function A43B23/25Arrangement of ribbons on footwear A43B23/26Tongues for shoes A43B23/28Devices to put in shoes in order to prevent slipping at the heel or to prevent abrading the stockings A43B23/30Heel-protectors for car-drivers