Use of agglomerated or waste materials or refuse as fillers for mortars, concrete or artificial stone Treatment of agglomerated or waste materials or refuse, specially adapted to enhance their filling properties in mortars, concrete or artificial stone


  • CPC
  • C04B18/00
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Sub Industries

C04B18/02Agglomerated materials C04B18/021agglomerated by a mineral binder C04B18/022agglomerated by an organic binder C04B18/023Fired or melted materials C04B18/025Grog C04B18/026Melted materials C04B18/027Lightweight materials C04B18/028temporarily agglomerated C04B18/04Waste materials Refuse C04B18/0409Waste from the purification of bauxite C04B18/0418Wet materials C04B18/0427Dry materials C04B18/0436Dredged harbour or river sludge C04B18/0445Synthetic gypsum C04B18/0454Bleaching earth C04B18/0463Hazardous waste C04B18/0472Waste material contaminated by heavy metals C04B18/0481Other specific industrial waste materials not provided for elsewhere in C04B18/00 C04B18/049Wastes from oil or other wells C04B18/06Combustion residues C04B18/061Ashes from fluidised bed furnaces C04B18/062Purification products of smoke, fume or exhaust-gases C04B18/064Gypsum C04B18/065Residues from coal gasification C04B18/067Slags C04B18/068from burning wood C04B18/08Flue dust C04B18/081from brown coal or lignite C04B18/082Cenospheres C04B18/084obtained from mixtures of pulverised coal and additives, added to influence the composition of the resulting flue dust C04B18/085Pelletizing C04B18/087from liquid fuels C04B18/088in high volume fly ash compositions C04B18/10Burned or pyrolised refuse C04B18/101Burned rice husks or other burned vegetable material C04B18/103Burned or pyrolised sludges C04B18/105Gaseous combustion products or dusts collected from waste incineration C04B18/106Fly ash from waste incinerators C04B18/108involving a melting step C04B18/12from quarries, mining or the like C04B18/125Slate residues C04B18/14from metallurgical processes C04B18/141Slags C04B18/142Steelmaking slags, converter slags C04B18/143L.D. slags C04B18/144Slags from the production of specific metals other than iron or of specific alloys C04B18/145Phosphorus slags C04B18/146Silica fume C04B18/147Conditioning C04B18/148Preparing silica fume slurries or suspensions C04B18/149other than silica fume or slag C04B18/16from building or ceramic industry C04B18/162Cement kiln dust; Lime kiln dust C04B18/165Ceramic waste C04B18/167Recycled material C04B18/18organic C04B18/20from macromolecular compounds C04B18/22Rubber C04B18/24Vegetable refuse C04B18/241Paper C04B18/243Waste from paper processing or recycling paper C04B18/245Cork; Bark C04B18/246expanded C04B18/248from specific plants C04B18/26Wood C04B18/265from specific species C04B18/28Mineralising Compositions therefor C04B18/30Mixed waste Waste of undefined composition C04B18/305Municipal waste