Vehicles adapted to transport, to carry or to comprise special loads or objects


  • CPC
  • B60P3/00
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Sub Industries

B60P3/002for carrying glass plates B60P3/005for use in contaminated areas B60P3/007for delivery of small articles B60P3/025the object being a shop, cafeteria or display the object being a theatre or stage B60P3/0252the object being a theater, cinema, auditorium or grandstand B60P3/0255the object being a display B60P3/0257the object being a vending stall, restaurant or food kiosk B60P3/03for transporting money or other valuables B60P3/035for transporting reel units B60P3/04for transporting animals B60P3/05for transporting meat B60P3/055for transporting bottles B60P3/06for carrying vehicles B60P3/062Especially adapted for carrying tracked vehicles B60P3/064Especially adapted for carrying non tracked public work, tractor or combat vehicles B60P3/066specially adapted for carrying bulky agricultural material B60P3/068Especially adapted for road transportation of railway stock B60P3/07for carrying road vehicles B60P3/071Arrangement of overturned or on-edge vehicles B60P3/073Vehicle retainers B60P3/075for wheels, hubs, or axle shafts B60P3/077Wheel cradles, chocks, or wells B60P3/079Tie-down retainers B60P3/08Multilevel-deck construction carrying vehicles B60P3/10for carrying boats B60P3/1008on the vehicle roof B60P3/1016with the boat or boat-supporting frame pivoting around a horizontal axis when loading on the roof B60P3/1025with a sliding or rolling main movement of the boat or boat-supporting frame when loading on the roof B60P3/1033on a loading frame B60P3/1041comprising a shelter or boat protection B60P3/105using a trailer convertible into a multipurpose trailer B60P3/1058with the boat carried on or attached to a sliding subframe on the vehicle frame B60P3/1066Arrangement of supports, rollers or winches on the vehicle B60P3/1075Guiding means for loading the boat B60P3/1083Means for extending the drawbar; Dollies and skidplates for the towhitch B60P3/1091by suspending the boat B60P3/11for carrying aircraft B60P3/12for salvaging damaged vehicles B60P3/122by supporting the whole vehicle B60P3/125by supporting only part of the vehicle B60P3/127on a tow dolly B60P3/14the object being a workshop for servicing, for maintenance, or for carrying workmen during work B60P3/16for carrying mixed concrete B60P3/18the object being a searchlight B60P3/20Refrigerated goods vehicles B60P3/205with means for dividing the interior volume B60P3/22Tank vehicles B60P3/2205Constructional features B60P3/221Assembling B60P3/2215Mounting of tanks to vehicles B60P3/222including resilient means B60P3/2225the tank being part of the vehicle frame B60P3/223the tank itself rolling on the ground B60P3/2235Anti-slosh arrangements B60P3/224comprising auxiliary devices B60P3/2245Adaptations for loading or unloading B60P3/225Adaptations for pumps or valves B60P3/2255Ventilating arrangements B60P3/226Arrangements of access openings or covers therefor B60P3/2265Arrangements for hoses, tubes, or reels B60P3/227Methods for tracing the load B60P3/2275Prevention of electrostatic electricity B60P3/228Measuring or indicating means B60P3/2285Warning or prevention means against tilting B60P3/229Anti-theft means B60P3/2295Means for heating, cooling, or insulating tanks or equipments B60P3/24compartmented B60P3/243divided by rigid walls B60P3/246divided by flexible walls B60P3/28for transporting cranes B60P3/30Spraying vehicles B60P3/32comprising living accommodation for people B60P3/34the living accommodation being expansible, collapsible or capable of rearrangement B60P3/341comprising flexible elements B60P3/343Hoods for caravans B60P3/36Auxiliary arrangements Arrangements of living accommodation Details B60P3/38Sleeping arrangements B60P3/39expansible, collapsible or repositionable elements adapted to support a bed B60P3/40for carrying long loads B60P3/41for log transport B60P3/42convertible from one use to a different one B60P3/423from transport of persons to transport of goods B60P3/426from transport of fluids to transport of other types of goods