Waveguide horns or mouths Slot aerials Leaky-waveguide aerials Equivalent structures causing radiation along the transmission path of a guided wave


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  • H01Q13/00
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Sub Industries

H01Q13/02Waveguide horns H01Q13/0208Corrugated horns H01Q13/0216Dual-depth corrugated horns H01Q13/0225of non-circular cross-section H01Q13/0233Horns fed by a slotted waveguide array H01Q13/0241radiating a circularly polarised wave H01Q13/025Multimode horn antennas; Horns using higher mode of propagation H01Q13/0258Orthomode horns H01Q13/0266provided with a flange or a choke H01Q13/0275Ridged horns H01Q13/0283Apparatus or processes specially provided for manufacturing horns H01Q13/0291for corrugated horns H01Q13/04Biconical horns H01Q13/06Waveguide mouths H01Q13/065provided with a flange or a choke H01Q13/08Radiating ends of two-conductor microwave transmission lines H01Q13/085Slot-line radiating ends H01Q13/10Resonant slot aerials H01Q13/103with variable reactance for tuning the antenna H01Q13/106Microstrip slot antennas H01Q13/12Longitudinally slotted cylinder aerials Equivalent structures H01Q13/14Skeleton cylinder aerials H01Q13/16Folded slot aerials H01Q13/18the slot being backed by, or formed in boundary wall of, a resonant cavity; Open cavity antennas H01Q13/20Non-resonant leaky-waveguide or transmission-line aerials Equivalent structures causing radiation along the transmission path of a guided wave H01Q13/203Leaky coaxial lines H01Q13/206Microstrip transmission line antennas H01Q13/22Longitudinal slot in boundary wall of waveguide or transmission line H01Q13/24constituted by a dielectric or ferromagnetic rod or pipe H01Q13/26Surface waveguide constituted by a single conductor H01Q13/28comprising elements constituting electric discontinuities and spaced in direction of wave propagation