Adaptations of machines or engines for special use Combinations of machines or engines with driving or driven apparatus Power stations or aggregates


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  • F03B13/00
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Sub Industries

F03B13/02Adaptations for drilling wells F03B13/04Adaptations for use in dentistry for driving tools or the like having relatively small outer diameter F03B13/06Stations or aggregates of water-storage type F03B13/08Machine or engine aggregates in dams or the like Conduits therefor F03B13/083The generator rotor being mounted as turbine rotor rim F03B13/086Plants characterised by the use of siphons; their regulation F03B13/10Submerged units incorporating electric generators or motors F03B13/105Bulb groups F03B13/12characterised by using wave or tide energy F03B13/14using wave energy F03B13/141with a static energy collector F03B13/142which creates an oscillating water column F03B13/144which lifts water above sea level F03B13/145for inmediate use in an energy converter F03B13/147for later use F03B13/148using the static pressure increase due to the wave F03B13/16using the relative movement between a wave-operated member F03B13/18where the other member F03B13/1805and the wom is hinged to the rem F03B13/181for limited rotation F03B13/1815with an up-and-down movement F03B13/182with a to-and-fro movement F03B13/1825for 360° rotation F03B13/183of a turbine-like wom F03B13/1835of an endless-belt type wom F03B13/184of a water-wheel type wom F03B13/1845and the wom slides relative to the rem F03B13/185not vertically F03B13/1855where the connection between wom and conversion system takes tension and compression F03B13/186the connection being of the rack-and-pinion type F03B13/1865where the connection between wom and conversion system takes tension only F03B13/187and the wom directly actuates the piston of a pump F03B13/1875and the wom is the piston or the cylinder in a pump F03B13/188and the wom is flexible or deformable F03B13/1885and the wom is tied to the rem F03B13/189acting directly on the piston of a pump F03B13/1895where the tie is a tension/compression member F03B13/20wherein both members F03B13/22using the flow of water resulting from wave movements to drive a motor or turbine F03B13/24to produce a flow of air F03B13/26using tide energy F03B13/262using the relative movement between a tide-operated member and another member F03B13/264using the horizontal flow of water resulting from tide movement F03B13/266to compress air F03B13/268making use of a dam