Adjustable resistors


  • CPC
  • H01C10/00
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Sub Industries

H01C10/005Surface mountable H01C10/02Liquid resistors H01C10/025Electrochemical variable resistors H01C10/04with specified mathematical relationship between movement of resistor actuating means and value of resistance, other than direct proportional relationship H01C10/06adjustable by short-circuiting different amounts of the resistive element H01C10/08with intervening conducting structure between the resistive element and the short-circuiting means H01C10/10adjustable by mechanical pressure of force H01C10/103by using means responding to magnetic or electric fields H01C10/106on resistive material dispersed in an elastic material H01C10/12by changing surface pressure between resistive masses or resistive and conductive masses H01C10/14adjustable by auxiliary driving means H01C10/16including plural resistive elements H01C10/18including coarse and fine resistive elements H01C10/20Contact structure or movable resistive elements being ganged H01C10/22resistive element dimensions changing gradually in one direction H01C10/23resistive element dimensions changing in a series of discrete, progressive steps H01C10/24the contact moving along turns of a helical resistive element, or vica versa H01C10/26resistive element moving H01C10/28the contact rocking or rolling along resistive element or taps H01C10/30the contact sliding along resistive element H01C10/301consisting of a wire wound resistor H01C10/303the resistor being coated, e.g. lubricated, conductive plastic coated H01C10/305consisting of a thick film H01C10/306Polymer thick film H01C10/308consisting of a thin film H01C10/32the contact moving in an arcuate path H01C10/34the contact or the associated conducting structure riding on collector formed as a ring or portion thereof H01C10/345the collector and resistive track being situated in 2 parallel planes H01C10/36structurally combined with switching arrangements H01C10/363by axial movement of the spindle H01C10/366using an electromagnetic actuator H01C10/38the contact moving along a straight path H01C10/40screw operated H01C10/42the contact bridging and sliding along resistive element and parallel conducting bar or collector H01C10/44the contact bridging and sliding along resistive element and parallel conducting bar or collector H01C10/46Arrangements of fixed resistors with intervening connectors H01C10/48including contact movable in an arcuate path H01C10/50structurally combined with switching arrangements