Administration Management


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  • G06Q10/00
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Sub Industries

G06Q10/02Reservations G06Q10/025Coordination of plural reservations G06Q10/04Forecasting or optimisation G06Q10/043Optimisation of two dimensional placement G06Q10/047Optimisation of routes G06Q10/06Resources, workflows, human or project management G06Q10/063Operations research or analysis G06Q10/0631Resource planning, allocation or scheduling for a business operation G06Q10/06311Scheduling, planning or task assignment for a person or group G06Q10/063112Skill-based matching of a person or a group to a task G06Q10/063114Status monitoring or status determination for a person or group G06Q10/063116Schedule adjustment for a person or group G06Q10/063118Staff planning in a project environment G06Q10/06312Adjustment or analysis of established resource schedule G06Q10/06313Resource planning in a project environment G06Q10/06314Calendaring for a resource G06Q10/06315Needs-based resource requirements planning or analysis G06Q10/06316Sequencing of tasks or work G06Q10/0633Workflow analysis G06Q10/0635Risk analysis G06Q10/0637Strategic management or analysis G06Q10/06375Prediction of business process outcome or impact based on a proposed change G06Q10/0639Performance analysis G06Q10/06393Score-carding, benchmarking or key performance indicator [KPI] analysis G06Q10/06395Quality analysis or management G06Q10/06398Performance of employee with respect to a job function G06Q10/067Business modelling G06Q10/08Logistics G06Q10/083Shipping G06Q10/0831Overseas transactions G06Q10/0832Special goods or special handling procedures G06Q10/0833Tracking G06Q10/0834Choice of carriers G06Q10/08345Pricing G06Q10/0835Relationships between shipper or supplier and carrier G06Q10/08355Routing methods G06Q10/0836Central recipient pick-ups G06Q10/0837Return transactions G06Q10/0838Historical data G06Q10/087Inventory or stock management G06Q10/0875Itemization of parts, supplies, or services G06Q10/10Office automation G06Q10/101Collaborative creation of products or services G06Q10/103Workflow collaboration or project management G06Q10/105Human resources G06Q10/1053Employment or hiring G06Q10/1057Benefits package G06Q10/107Computer aided management of electronic mail G06Q10/109Time management G06Q10/1091Recording time for administrative purposes G06Q10/1093Calendar-based scheduling for a person or group G06Q10/1095Meeting or appointment G06Q10/1097Task assignment G06Q10/20Product repair or maintenance administration G06Q10/30Product recycling or disposal administration