Aerial arrays or systems


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  • H01Q21/00
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Sub Industries

H01Q21/0006Particular feeding systems H01Q21/0012Radial guide fed arrays H01Q21/0018Space- fed arrays H01Q21/0025Modular arrays H01Q21/0031Parallel-plate fed arrays; Lens-fed arrays H01Q21/0037linear waveguide fed arrays H01Q21/0043Slotted waveguides H01Q21/005Slotted waveguides arrays H01Q21/0056Conically or cylindrically arrayed H01Q21/0062the slots being disposed around the feeding waveguide H01Q21/0068Dielectric waveguide fed arrays H01Q21/0075Stripline fed arrays H01Q21/0081using suspended striplines H01Q21/0087Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing antenna arrays H01Q21/0093Monolithic arrays H01Q21/06Arrays of individually energised active aerial units similarly polarised and spaced apart H01Q21/061Two dimensional planar arrays H01Q21/062using dipole aerials H01Q21/064using horn or slot aerials H01Q21/065Patch antenna array H01Q21/067using endfire radiating aerial units transverse to the plane of the array H01Q21/068using parallel coplanar travelling wave or leaky wave aerial units H01Q21/08the units being spaced along or adjacent to a rectilinear path H01Q21/10Collinear arrangements of substantially straight elongated conductive units H01Q21/12Parallel arrangements of substantially straight elongated conductive units H01Q21/14Adcock aerials H01Q21/16U-type H01Q21/18H-type H01Q21/20the units being spaced along or adjacent to a curvilinear path H01Q21/205providing an omnidirectional coverage H01Q21/22Aerial units of the array energised non-uniformly in amplitude or phase H01Q21/225Finite focus antenna arrays H01Q21/24Combinations of aerial elements or aerial units polarised in different directions for transmitting or receiving circularly and elliptically polarised waves or waves linearly polarised in any direction H01Q21/245provided with means for varying the polarisation H01Q21/26Turnstile or like aerials comprising arrangements of three or more elongated elements disposed radially and symmetrically in a horizontal plane about a common centre H01Q21/28Combinations of substantially independent non-interacting aerial units or systems H01Q21/29Combinations of different interacting aerial units for giving a desired directional characteristic H01Q21/293one unit or more being an array of identical aerial elements H01Q21/296Multiplicative arrays H01Q21/30Combinations of separate aerial units operating in different wavebands and connected to a common feeder system