Apparatus for radiation diagnosis


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  • A61B6/00
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Sub Industries

A61B6/02Devices for diagnosis sequentially in different planes Stereoscopic radiation diagnosis A61B6/022Stereoscopic imaging A61B6/025Tomosynthesis A61B6/027characterised by the use of a particular data acquisition trajectory A61B6/03Computerised tomographs A61B6/032Transmission computed tomography [CT] A61B6/035Mechanical aspects of CT A61B6/037Emission tomography A61B6/04Positioning of patients Tiltable beds or the like A61B6/0407Tables or beds A61B6/0414Tables or beds with compression means A61B6/0421Tables or beds with immobilising means A61B6/0428Patient cradles A61B6/0435Tables or beds with means for imaging suspended breasts A61B6/0442Tables or beds made from non-metallic materials A61B6/045Tables or beds with heating or cooling means A61B6/0457Servo-controlled positioning A61B6/0464Supports mounted to ceiling A61B6/0471Endless-band supports A61B6/0478Patient positioning chairs A61B6/0485Inflatable rests for lifting of patients A61B6/0492using markers or indicia for aiding patient positioning A61B6/06Diaphragms for particular diagnostic applications, e.g. tomography A61B6/08Auxiliary means for directing the radiation beam to a particular spot A61B6/10Application or adaptation of safety means A61B6/102Protection against mechanical damage A61B6/105Braking or locking devices A61B6/107Protection against radiation A61B6/12Devices for detecting or locating foreign bodies A61B6/14Applications or adaptations for dentistry A61B6/145by intraoral means A61B6/40with arrangements for generating radiation specially adapted for radiation diagnosis A61B6/4007characterised by using a plurality of source units A61B6/4014arranged in multiple source-detector units A61B6/4021involving movement of the focal spot A61B6/4028resulting in acquisition of views from substantially different positions A61B6/4035the source being combined with a filter or grating A61B6/4042K-edge filters A61B6/405Source units adapted to modify characteristics of the beam during the data acquisition process A61B6/4057by using a source unit in the interior of the body A61B6/4064adapted for producing a particular type of beam A61B6/4071Pencil beams A61B6/4078Fan-beams A61B6/4085Cone-beams A61B6/4092for producing synchrotron radiation A61B6/42with arrangements for detecting radiation specially adapted for radiation diagnosis A61B6/4208characterised by using a particular type of detector A61B6/4216using storage phosphor screens A61B6/4225using image intensifiers A61B6/4233using matrix detectors A61B6/4241using energy resolving detectors A61B6/425using detectors specifically adapted to be used in the interior of the body A61B6/4258for detecting non x-ray radiation A61B6/4266characterised by using a plurality of detector units A61B6/4275using a detector unit almost surrounding the patient A61B6/4283characterised by a detector unit being housed in a cassette A61B6/4291the detector being combined with a grid or grating A61B6/44Constructional features of the device for radiation diagnosis A61B6/4405the device being mobile or portable A61B6/4411the device being modular A61B6/4417related to combined acquisition of different diagnostic modalities A61B6/4423related to hygiene or sterilisation A61B6/4429related to the mounting of source units and detector units A61B6/4435the source unit and the detector unit being coupled by a rigid structure A61B6/4441the rigid structure being a C-arm or U-arm A61B6/4447Tiltable gantries A61B6/4452the source unit and the detector unit being able to move relative to each other A61B6/4458the source unit or the detector unit being attached to robotic arms A61B6/4464the source unit or the detector unit being mounted to ceiling A61B6/447the source unit or the detector unit being mounted to counterpoise or springs A61B6/4476related to servo controlled movement of the source unit A61B6/4482involving power assist circuits A61B6/4488Means for cooling A61B6/4494Means for identifying the diagnostic device A61B6/46with special arrangements for interfacing with the operator or the patient A61B6/461Displaying means of special interest A61B6/462characterised by constructional features of the display A61B6/463characterised by displaying multiple images or images and diagnostic data on one display A61B6/464involving a plurality of displays A61B6/465adapted to display user selection data A61B6/466adapted to display 3D data A61B6/467characterised by special input means A61B6/468allowing annotation or message recording A61B6/469for selecting a region of interest [ROI] A61B6/48Diagnostic techniques A61B6/481involving the use of contrast agents A61B6/482involving multiple energy imaging A61B6/483involving scattered radiation A61B6/484involving phase contrast X-ray imaging A61B6/485involving fluorescence X-ray imaging A61B6/486involving generating temporal series of image data A61B6/487involving fluoroscopy A61B6/488involving pre-scan acquisition A61B6/50Clinical applications A61B6/501involving diagnosis of head A61B6/502involving diagnosis of breast A61B6/503involving diagnosis of heart A61B6/504involving diagnosis of blood vessels A61B6/505involving diagnosis of bone A61B6/506involving diagnosis of nerves A61B6/507involving determination of haemodynamic parameters A61B6/508for non-human patients A61B6/52Devices using data or image processing specially adapted for radiation diagnosis A61B6/5205involving processing of raw data to produce diagnostic data A61B6/5211involving processing of medical diagnostic data A61B6/5217extracting a diagnostic or physiological parameter from medical diagnostic data A61B6/5223generating planar views from image data A61B6/5229combining image data of a patient A61B6/5235combining images from the same or different radiation imaging techniques A61B6/5241combining overlapping radiation images A61B6/5247combining images from different diagnostic modalities A61B6/5252removing objects from field of view A61B6/5258involving detection or reduction of artifacts or noise A61B6/5264due to motion A61B6/527using data from a motion artifact sensor A61B6/5276involving measuring table sag A61B6/5282due to scatter A61B6/5288involving retrospective matching to a physiological signal A61B6/5294involving using additional data A61B6/54Control of devices for radiation diagnosis A61B6/541involving acquisition triggered by a physiological signal A61B6/542involving control of exposure A61B6/544dependent on patient size A61B6/545involving automatic set-up of acquisition parameters A61B6/547involving tracking of position of the device or parts of the device A61B6/548Remote control of radiation diagnosis devices A61B6/56Details of data transmission or power supply A61B6/563involving image data transmission via a network A61B6/566involving communication between imaging systems A61B6/58Testing, adjusting or calibrating devices for radiation diagnosis A61B6/581Remote testing of the device A61B6/582Calibration A61B6/583using calibration phantoms A61B6/584determining position of components of the device using images of the phantom A61B6/585Calibration of detector units A61B6/586Detection of faults or malfunction of the device A61B6/587Alignment of source unit to detector unit A61B6/588Setting distance between source unit and detector unit A61B6/589Setting distance between source unit and patient