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Sub Industries

A61B1/00Instruments for performing medical examinations of the interior of cavities or tubes of the body by visual or photographical inspection A61B10/00Other methods or instruments for diagnosis A61B13/00Instruments for depressing the tongue A61B16/00Devices specially adapted for vivisection or autopsy A61B17/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods A61B18/00Surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body A61B2217/00General characteristics of surgical instruments A61B2218/00Details of surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body A61B2503/00Evaluating a particular growth phase or type of persons or animals A61B2505/00Evaluating, monitoring or diagnosing in the context of a particular type of medical care A61B2560/00Constructional details of operational features of apparatus Accessories for medical measuring apparatus A61B2562/00Details of sensors Constructional details of sensor housings or probes Accessories for sensors A61B2576/00Medical imaging apparatus involving image processing or analysis A61B3/00Apparatus for testing the eyes Instruments for examining the eyes A61B34/00Computer-aided surgery Manipulators or robots specially adapted for use in surgery A61B42/00Surgical gloves Finger-stalls specially adapted for surgery Devices for handling or treatment thereof A61B46/00Surgical drapes A61B5/00Detecting, measuring or recording for diagnostic purposes Identification of persons A61B50/00Containers, covers, furniture or holders specially adapted for surgical or diagnostic appliances or instruments A61B6/00Apparatus for radiation diagnosis A61B7/00Instruments for auscultation A61B8/00Diagnosis using ultrasonic, sonic or infrasonic waves A61B9/00Instruments for examination by percussion Pleximeters A61B90/00Instruments, implements or accessories specially adapted for surgery or diagnosis and not covered by any of the groups A61B1/00 - A61B50/00